Get It Right

7 Apr

People who cannot pronounce my name properly shouldn’t be calling me to solicit for an appointment or whatsoever. It peeves me to no end when I get such phone calls. Same goes for people whom I don’t know, calls and pronounces my name correctly but tends to be fake and over enthusiastic in their conversation, irks me to no end.

My fitness and spa center called me two days ago and I was addressed as “Aggie”. Gawd… Obviously it’s someone new; I bristled and declined to make an appointment.

I have been inadvertently called ‘Angel’, ‘Angela’, ‘Agnes’, spelled as ‘N-G’ and ‘Angle’ (the result of the smart phone’s auto-correct ability and the not-very smart user to rectify), and now this. Eeesh… Why?

It’s not like I have a coined up name (remember Qalvin?), some exotic name or difficult spelling one. Let’s not even go into having my first initial to be the same as my last name, like that ‘K’ ‘klan’… I mean clan.

Get it right, people, it’s just a simple ‘Angie’, spelled ‘A-N-G-I-E’ and pronounced as ‘Ann-Gee’.


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