Hats Off!

21 Apr

Yesterday I played in my golf club’s Interclub friendly game. And I was totally demotivated by the usual lakes that I couldn’t cross, my phobia holes. It took a toll on my mental strength. Sometimes I can play well, other days not so well. Why? Is it the heat? Or the lack of playing? The nagging injury? Why doubt?

In fact yesterday was downright deflating, you could say it was the perfect horrid game example, all on me, nobody else. While the driver worked better than most, nothing else did. Imagine on a Par 5, I put the ball (on the green) on four but four putted for an eight. It was painful.

As I have said before, golf is a mental and painful game, evidenced by yesterday’s play. But having said that, golf is also intriguing and appeals to all ages amazingly. I think it is one sport that a person can play until their golden years. Like my flight mate for instance.

She’s an octogenarian! 80 year old lady and out-drives me on some holes! Amazing. What’s even more amazing is that she (and her visiting team) has played three rounds of golf already and she is still going strong! Yesterday’s game was their fourth and last game before they head back to Sabah. 

I take my hat off to her for her mental ability and endurance, and smack myself at my mental inability and doubt.


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