A Surprise

28 Apr

It is nice when some games you play remembers it’s your birthday and surprises you with a little present! Both Monster Busters and Hexa Blast gave me some coins and more importantly, a week of free play to bust some monsters. Yes, a week! How cool is that? Anyway, yay to it, I am a monster buster this whole week, forget them candies and farm animals.

The power of technology was at its best on this special day. There were wishes from friends and family, near and far in WhatsApp and Facebook, likes and loves for the Facebook birthday postings, SMSes from services and people in my life and even my district politician (how significant he is in my life I don’t know!) and phone calls from family. Don’t forget the wishes in person that comes with bear hugs! I felt like a celebrity short of signing autographs. I think I would have added an extra wrinkle or two if I grinned anymore that I already had!

But closer to the heart, the significant day was filled with doing things I enjoy – golf with friends, followed by my virtual games as I couldn’t nap upon reaching home (being Queen for the day does not necessitate one to go in the office), then being with true friends and family for dinner, and receiving a lovely and poignant birthday card in the mail from my M1, halfway across the world.

Sometimes there are no words that can describe the depths of these actions but simply being in the moment – absorbing, remembering and being thankful for such wonderfulness that I am surrounded with. Thank you all, you know who you are to make this another bookmark in my memory bank. Maybe I don’t have to stay forever 38!

Love you all!   


Drinks for dinner!


Don’t count the candles!


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