Just Do It

29 Apr

I just realized Adidas changed its old tagline ‘Impossible is Nothing’ to a new ‘All In or Nothing’. Now how do I apply this to my golf? The first thing that comes to my mind would be the putting. Of course to put the dimpled ball in the cup with one putt would be best for the ‘all in or nothing’ statement but what if I missed? 

Two putts or even three putts, which is my problem lately, just do not bode well with the brand’s statement. It then becomes I will be nothing because I was not all in. This in a sense would affect my confidence and ultimately my focus in the game. Not good.

Honestly, I would prefer to ‘Just Do It’ but I am not giving the brand with this tagline any justice because I am geared in all Adidas, down to my sports bra but short of my underwear. There is a conflict as far as brand loyalty is concerned.

Even Adidas’ old tagline of ‘Impossible is Nothing’ does not work for me. Most times the impossible become possible in a negative way! Shots that you wouldn’t think possible you’d execute becomes a reality. Nothing becomes everything whereby unwanted situations on the golf course becomes a nightmare, the list can go on! It all works more in the opposite manner instead. Sigh… Although it’s a mental state of mind, it is tough to discipline the thoughts when things do not go the way you want it.

Maybe I am championing the wrong brand all this while. Hmm… 

Let’s see how I fare today. The mode of play for today’s Interclub match is four ball, System 36 with handicap of the day.

The journey has taken three hours already as I am writing this. My tee off is at 1.07pm. I shouldn’t be too Adidas on what lies ahead but ‘just do it’!


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