Home and Comfortable

2 May

It is nice when after a short break, you get home and still have a day to rest with today being a replacement holiday for Sunday’s Labor Day, so I get to recover from the tiredness of yesterday. It was a long day no doubt, waking up at 5.00am and then checking out of the hotel after breakfast to continue with another round of golf and traveling.

It was a forty five minute journey from Crystal Crown Hotel to Orchard Golf Club. Traffic was not that bad I guess, shorter than anticipated. This then threw the timing a little awry because we arrived early and tee off times had to be juggled. Thankfully, the golf course was not crowded so we were allowed to ‘go when ready’. This time, we managed to finish 18-holes of golf. Phew. After two incompleted games, it felt good. 

Orchard also allows buggies (like Palm Resort) on its fairway and this speeded up play. The golf course was not as beautiful as Palm Resort and I must say was very confusing its layout especially for one hole. Several flights, my flight included, lost our way when approaching the Par 4 Hole 12 and ended up playing on the Par 5 Hole 16 without realizing it! We all had a good laugh about it when we realized some of us actually played 19-holes, twice on Hole 12. My flight did 18 and a half, half being picking up our balls after two shots upon realizing our mistake.

All in all, it was a good and enjoyable time I had, something different from my usual smaller group. The day stretched longer when we hit a traffic crawl on the highway on our return. Eventually we arrived at the Club by 7.45pm. After the goodbyes, wishes of thank you and hugs, I was home in no time.

Until the next trip, the past three days’ happenings are now stored in the memory, besides Photos and Shoebox. And it is always nice to be home and comfortable. I was dead like a log by 11.00pm after some chatter catching up with a friend.


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