Gone to the Dark Side

3 May

We were minding our business, having our sandwiches and coffee for lunch when I looked over to the next table. Omg! The little boy in the high chair had a Darth Vader Minion wind-up figurine. It was soooo cute – the toy, not the boy. Spidey Minion was also present but Darth Minion caught my eye.

I whispered to hubby to look over but be discreet and don’t stare. I told him, I had to have it too, the Darth Minion figurine! So in between mouthful of sandwiches, I declared we had to make an impromptu stop at Toys’r’Us before going to the pet shop.

Thank goodness it wasn’t necessary because when we stepped out of the sandwich shop, the weekend flea market vendor several steps away had Darth Minion on display. I quickly grabbed it before the kid in front of me could. It was evil.

Bwahahaha… once in a while, there is satisfaction by going over to the dark side.

How can this adorable face be evil?


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