My Bathroom Scale Hates Me

27 May

The past two nights, I have been eating out instead of at home. When friends invite, we must be polite and don’t decline if we can make it, right? I had a golf game on Wednesday, followed by dinner after the game. Then on Thursday, another game and another dinner.

Tonight, yet another big feast awaits. A friend is buying dinner because she played well in a golf tournament recently. And as if these nightly dinners are not enough, a 21st birthday celebration dinner was slotted in unexpectedly for Saturday night! Four days in a row and this is culminated with yet another dinner on Sunday night to conclude my Club’s Annual Championship tournament which I participated two weeks ago.

With such frequent hearty intakes, I reluctantly stand on my bathroom scale and I can feel its disapproval. It hates me to no end. I have let it down by succumbing to all these feast. And I don’t even eat a lot. Then again if every morsel is tried in moderation, it’s still a lot and subconsciously, I can feel my waistline expanding. Not good. My personal trainer will most like have a field day grinding me to a pulp next week if she sees any change in my contours. Gulp!

We mortals are weaklings when it comes to food. A girlfriend said to me, she is on a ‘see food diet’ which is exactly what it is. Whenever she sees food, she eats because that’s her diet. I laughed so hard at her matter-of-fact explanation and wished if only my bathroom scale shared her sentiments. Sigh… my bathroom scale hates me.


The Wednesday feast


Highlight of Thursday’s dinner


The Thursday spread



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