A Farmer I am Not

30 May

My virtual games have been progressing well except for Farm Heroes. I am so not a farmer. After so long, I find myself frustratingly stuck at Level 881. Sigh… why?

The candy and monster games have been good with much movements the past few days. Currently sitting at Level 1680 for Candy Crush, Level 753 for Soda and Level 393 for Monster Busters. I even completed Hexa Blast, sitting at 1175, awaiting new levels to open up but this one…sigh again.

Then miracles of miracles happened right after I jot down my frustrations. I passed Level 881 by resorting to using all my tools especially the tractor because the moment presented itself. If I didn’t do it now, I would be stuck forever as this thought crossed my mind. So four tractors were used…

Joy was short lived after that as I find myself stalled again at Level 883. I am so not a farmer.


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