To the Movies

14 Jun

We finally watched ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ over the weekend. M2 wanted to watch ‘Conjuring 2’ after learning that M1 will be watching that horror movie with her friends. I vetoed her choice. What’s with my girls and horror movies anyway? I was never one for it.

My first (and only) horror flick that I ever watched at the theatre was ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. Yes dinosaur years ago. It was my first term at college at NAU and my new friends made me go watch it with them. I think half the time my eyes were squeezed shut and the sound effects were enough to send shivers down my spine despite my fingers stuffed in both ears. 

I may be brave to battle a rat but not so when it comes to horror movies. Ugh… after that experience, put it this way, it took me a while before I could eat a pizza without any horrible thoughts.

Now my girls are different. They relish watching horror flicks. I simply don’t understand where they get this. Why subject yourselves unnecessarily to anticipation and then fear? And then after that, be fearful of the night, of the shadow and of every single little sound in the quiet of the surrounding with thoughts running wild. Silly.


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