Day 3: Excellent Weather

28 Jun

Although Royal Island is closer to the hotel than Jeongsan Golf Club, it felt as though we took longer to get there. Maybe because the road en route had a lot of trucks and big vehicles, we just couldn’t go any faster. Plus the fact that our tour guide came late, we lost a good 20 minutes before the journey started.

When we arrived, it was pass our tee off time so this had to be resolved quickly. Thank goodness it wasn’t crowded and soon, everyone was off!

Today my flight mates were new friends (having just met them on this trip) except for one whom I know prior. I had a really good time because the company was good and the weather excellent. Not once did I take out my umbrella. The wind posed a much stronger challenge but I took it in stride. Yes, I played slightly better today. Although the caddies today lacked course knowledge, it was the language barrier that cause more frustration. Sigh…

After the game, everyone had a quick bite at the clubhouse before heading back to the hotel to enjoy the complimentary high tea spread. And from here on, the group decided to split the activities.

The majority has opted for the river cruise with dinner thrown in while myself together with three others are planning to check out the Sky Deck. It should be interesting.



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