Day 5: Last Day in Ho Chi Minh

30 Jun

We had a long day yesterday. The journey to the golf club took rather long or rather it felt like it. First, we had to wait for the water and fruits (for our golf game) to be delivered, then it was the slow traffic crawl. But I think we got there on time considering the golf club is 20km less and closer than the first two.

Vietnam Golf and Country Club was very crowded and our tee off was very haphazardly arranged. Everyone was ushered to different tee boxes rather than starting on the first tee or the tenth tee. My flight started on the 12th tee. Pace was slow, every hole we had to wait. The sun came out, it became hot. Then it rained. On our last two holes, the skies opened up. I had to take out my rain jacket only to keep it after the super quick downpour before we got to the last hole.

We didn’t lunch at the club but came back to the hotel and had a quick bite during the complimentary high tea session. It was unsatisfactory so we ended up going to the Street Food Market again for lunch. Yesterday was a day of shopping on top of golf. I certainly exceeded my walking quota.

Today is our last day and we check out shortly, have a good breakfast before heading to Tan Son Nhat Golf Club for our last round. It was be another long day.


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