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Several Shades Darker

1 Jul

Like I have said it was going to be a long day for Day 5 of the trip and it was. I got home pass midnight yesterday and settled into bed only after two. Yawn…

After the last round which was so tiring, I have become several shades darker. 

The sun was out in full force and despite my slapping on sunblock, it wasn’t enough. But then again, I have this bad habit of not reapplying a second time protection. It’s not so obvious on the face because I tanned out evenly but the hands. Oh dear.

For the last three games, I stopped wearing even my left glove, playing with both hands gloveless and it’s evident in the shades. Just look at my left hand! I wear a wraparound wrist brace (to prevent the old injury from recurring) and you can see the two tones. I couldn’t help it and took my Pantone chart out to find a match to the two shades. You can see the original skin tone, looking almost like a Pantone 7514U whereas the exposed part of my hand, a Pantone 7585U, several shades darker.

The right hand is also a Pantone 7585U because it was gloveless. And it stops at this shade when the sleeve starts, just slightly above the wrist. I sure look funny with such uneven tan lines here and there especially on the hands.

Well, the golf break had been good but good things always must come to an end. I am back in the office today.