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Choke and Sputter

8 Jul

Ever had one of those moments when you swallowed a capsule and it got stuck in the throat? Equally up there on the cringe list is when swallowing a non-coated tablet and the bitterness explodes before going down to send your tastebuds into haywire mode. On both occasions, you desperately drink gallons of water to wash away the predicament and suffer the consequences later with frequent toilet trips!

Last night, I was routinely taking my supplements and the glucosamine capsule went down ‘sideways’ instead of lengthwise and I felt as though the large capsule was lodged in my throat! Choke and sputter…

I have this habit of throwing my head back quickly whenever I take my meds to ensure the pills go down (with momentum and gravity) easily but I didn’t do this last night and paid the price for it.

I had a coughing fit and almost keeled over because I was also having nasal congestion, making it hard to breathe. It was the most uncomfortable moment. Thank goodness I survived…