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A Sketch and a Plan

11 Jul

Who would have thought that having nasal congestion is bad? I thought it would cloud my senses but contrary to it, it brings out my inner creativity.

We were out at the mall yesterday and stumbled upon a new art supplies store. Like a kid let loose in a candy parlor, we explored the aisles to our hearts’ content, oohing and ahh-ing constantly. It was as if we have been deprived for so long. 

I found some balsa wood and picked up a long piece; I decided to do a carving whilst M2 debated over a square and rectangle canvas. In the end, she chose the square one. On my prodding, she decided to try her hands at painting. So exciting!

We came home and after a good rest and dinner, I began my new project. For three solid hours, I did not touch my iPad and sat at the dining table to work out a sketch. Then I  whipped out my trusty Swiss Army penknife because I couldn’t find my carving tools and did this… a totem pole of owls.

Stay tuned for its progress and finished product!