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A Sketch and a Plan, Part 2

12 Jul

It wasn’t difficult. I guess I am comfortable using the mini penknife to work on my totem pole of owls. I actually brought back my X-acto knife from the office just in case I needed an alternative tool. The nasal congestion is still there but in the quiet of things, I worked on the pole for almost three hours. It was rather therapeutic.

I can’t decide which owl looks cuter, the top, the middle two or the last one. Somehow upon close scrutiny, the bottom fella looks like a penguin! So does the top one!!! Hahahaha… 

The finishing is not as fine as I had hope for but then again, with a penknife instead of carving tools, I should not expect much. But for a first attempt, I must say it’s a good effort. Definitely different from the original sketch but the gist of the plan is there.

I have decided I will go buy more balsa wood over the weekend and perhaps a set of carving tools too since I cannot find my old set. And will continue this streak of carving while the mood lasts. But I won’t get another long strip but little blocks and carve single owls. It should be fun.


A Sketch and a Plan

11 Jul

Who would have thought that having nasal congestion is bad? I thought it would cloud my senses but contrary to it, it brings out my inner creativity.

We were out at the mall yesterday and stumbled upon a new art supplies store. Like a kid let loose in a candy parlor, we explored the aisles to our hearts’ content, oohing and ahh-ing constantly. It was as if we have been deprived for so long. 

I found some balsa wood and picked up a long piece; I decided to do a carving whilst M2 debated over a square and rectangle canvas. In the end, she chose the square one. On my prodding, she decided to try her hands at painting. So exciting!

We came home and after a good rest and dinner, I began my new project. For three solid hours, I did not touch my iPad and sat at the dining table to work out a sketch. Then I  whipped out my trusty Swiss Army penknife because I couldn’t find my carving tools and did this… a totem pole of owls.

Stay tuned for its progress and finished product!


Choke and Sputter

8 Jul

Ever had one of those moments when you swallowed a capsule and it got stuck in the throat? Equally up there on the cringe list is when swallowing a non-coated tablet and the bitterness explodes before going down to send your tastebuds into haywire mode. On both occasions, you desperately drink gallons of water to wash away the predicament and suffer the consequences later with frequent toilet trips!

Last night, I was routinely taking my supplements and the glucosamine capsule went down ‘sideways’ instead of lengthwise and I felt as though the large capsule was lodged in my throat! Choke and sputter…

I have this habit of throwing my head back quickly whenever I take my meds to ensure the pills go down (with momentum and gravity) easily but I didn’t do this last night and paid the price for it.

I had a coughing fit and almost keeled over because I was also having nasal congestion, making it hard to breathe. It was the most uncomfortable moment. Thank goodness I survived…

The Snickerdoodles, Part 2

7 Jul

Of late the happy looking group of Bettas does not look too happy. They don’t seem to swim in a group and looked very separated. Last night I was observing them and took some pictures.

Some were at this corner and that corner and even resting on the pebbles. Sleeping? I hope they are fine.


Another Break

5 Jul

M2 just had her school holidays not too long ago and here we are this week, having another week long break. It is the Aidil Fitri (Eid ul-Fitr) celebration this time and like Chinese New Year, it is typical of schools to take a week off so that families can travel back to their hometown or spend time with family. Businesses will not close for a week but on the gazetted days.

We are not traveling anywhere this time because we didn’t want to join the exodus and be stuck on the highway. Toilet breaks would be a bane especially for us girls. So it is an easy week at work and at home with lots of sleeping in and golf during the two-day break (for us) on Wednesday and Thursday.

Belated Treat

4 Jul

My M2 turned 15 last Thursday and I was not here to celebrate with her as I was in Ho Chi Minh City. I reached home slightly after midnight on that night and managed to wish her because she waited for my return. 

Where did time go? My goodness, 15 years old. Didn’t I plan a Lego-themed birthday party for her not too long ago? Wait a minute… that was when she turned ten! My goodness, 15 years old now.

Over the weekend, we made it up to her and gave her a belated treat, starting off with a movie, ‘Finding Dory’ and a fancy Japanese dinner, followed by another movie the next day, ‘Independence Day Resurgence’. We had a good time.

My dear M2, you may be 15 and all grown up but you are still my baby. Kisses.


My baby


My kindy-going baby


All grown up!


Several Shades Darker

1 Jul

Like I have said it was going to be a long day for Day 5 of the trip and it was. I got home pass midnight yesterday and settled into bed only after two. Yawn…

After the last round which was so tiring, I have become several shades darker. 

The sun was out in full force and despite my slapping on sunblock, it wasn’t enough. But then again, I have this bad habit of not reapplying a second time protection. It’s not so obvious on the face because I tanned out evenly but the hands. Oh dear.

For the last three games, I stopped wearing even my left glove, playing with both hands gloveless and it’s evident in the shades. Just look at my left hand! I wear a wraparound wrist brace (to prevent the old injury from recurring) and you can see the two tones. I couldn’t help it and took my Pantone chart out to find a match to the two shades. You can see the original skin tone, looking almost like a Pantone 7514U whereas the exposed part of my hand, a Pantone 7585U, several shades darker.

The right hand is also a Pantone 7585U because it was gloveless. And it stops at this shade when the sleeve starts, just slightly above the wrist. I sure look funny with such uneven tan lines here and there especially on the hands.

Well, the golf break had been good but good things always must come to an end. I am back in the office today.