Being An Accomplice

11 Aug

I don’t play Pokemon Go but hubby and M2 are at it just about at every opportunity. True Pokemon trainers these two have become. What about me? I would say I fall into the category of a passive semi-reluctant Pokemon accomplice and I am pretty sure there are many like me. I know some friends are. Nonetheless, I have been very neutral and rather bemused at their perseverance. After all, they put up with me and my candy crushing ways.

The last two days at the office, after lunch, I would avoid the heat and quickly head back to the comforts of indoors and air-con whilst hubby would go off under the hot sun in search of Pokemons. I refuse to be an accomplice here and maintain my passiveness towards the game.

However, I have been roped in to be an accomplice, driving them to PokeStops, after the tuition run nights. Now this becomes ridiculous especially when it wasn’t just a stop but several stops. Here, I am semi-reluctant because somebody has to drive and it certainly cannot be the older Pokemon trainer for safety’s sake.

M2 may have a new and faster phone now but she lamented that she does not have data to play the game whenever we are in the car. For this, I am thankful that she doesn’t and just have to deal with it. But the hubby has become an accomplice by making his phone a hotspot for her to connect to catch ’em all. Unlike me, that’s a willing accomplice right there.


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