An Unlikely Conversation

15 Aug

It was a hot Sunday and we were home because M2 had to study for her exams. So best to stay put for her to be focused. I was trying to garner steam again for my virtual games whilst hubby was outside gardening.

Suddenly we heard a long conversation and thought he was talking to Rooney, who was also out being a busybody in the garden. Both M2 and I thought it was rather long and muted. A lecture for the pooch for meddling in the gardening activity? M2 looked up from her books and realized it wasn’t the case. Hubby was actually talking to the neighbor, who showed up out of the blue! Chortle…

We have never seen much of our neighbor ever since they moved in, what more having a conversation. I thought it was funny that we assumed he was talking to official pet number one…

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