Serial Eater, Part 2

29 Aug

Looking at M2 eating Honey Bunches of Oats made me want to eat cereal too, so I bought a box that comes with almonds. This is where our tastebuds differ slightly. She prefers with strawberries while I am into nuts.

It made me also recall my college days and cereal eating habits, which is highly not recommended. I think I would balk if my girls ever did what I did.

I think it was my Junior year and whenever I had 8.00am classes, I was never on time waking up, thus leaving very little time to get ready. Everything had to be super quick and breakfast was always stuffing my face silly with cereal then washing it all down with one or two gulps of milk. 

With five minutes to spare, I would be scrambling out of the apartment, zipping across the main road on my Giant mountain bike to get to campus and still be on time for class. Amazing. 

What’s even more amazing was that this routine was repeated just about for every 8.00am class during that one semester.


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