Happy Anniversary

1 Sep

What?! It’s that time of the year again for us to gush over the year that has gone by and add another notch to the marriage. Didn’t we just meet at a recent graduation party in Queens, New York? Or was that eons ago? Goodness, no wonder I feel more and more like a dinosaur.

Last year, being the 20th anniversary–a special milestone–we went off to Khao Yai, Thailand but this year, only a simple dinner which was a short drive away from home. Have we mellowed and lost our sense of wanderlust? Why not another faraway trip like before? Could it be a 21st anniversary is not as big a deal as a 21st birthday? 

Truth is, we did talked about going somewhere but we couldn’t decide – golf trip versus a beach getaway. So nothing came out of this indecision. I guess we are fine to stay put in the end. So yesterday, a simple early dinner sufficed to mark the occasion and we even included M2.

It was cozy, quiet and nice until the crowd came in. Well, another year, another milestone, another strand or two of white hair on the crown…

Happy anniversary hubby!


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