Senior Citizen Food

5 Sep

We were at a pet shop over the weekend to buy official pet number one’s food Proplan but there was no stock. We then had to make a decision to buy something else or go back to our regular store when something caught our eye.

The Eukanuba package listed Senior Adult with ingredients suitable for dogs seven years and older. I did a quick mental arithmetic and came to realize our poochie, Rooney will be nine this year! 

Oh my gawd… Nine years old. And since he qualifies age-wise (I am not sure about the behavior though), we bought the package.

But he doesn’t like the new senior citizen food! Maybe it’s tasteless or unappetizing. For two meals he did not finish his meal. So we still have to go buy his usual Proplan diet. And probably mix up the two brands to mask the taste. Otherwise, what do we do with the senior citizen food?


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