Killing Time

8 Sep

It has been a brain sapping week for me at the office because of the challenging design project in hand. Every evening I come home mentally tired and have no desire to do anything else.

But the day does not end when we reach home as we still have the tuition run, sending M2 for her weekly night classes. This then becomes physically tiring as well.

Normally when she is at the extra class, we would wait for her instead of making an extra trip back and forth. And the Wednesday class being an hour and a half long, we would go to the driving range to hit a hundred balls to pass the waiting time. But this activity has to be ruled out for now due to the wrist undergoing treatment currently. So what did we do last night?

We went to the sports store, Decathlon and played table tennis in the store itself! Now this is not something we do often, blatantly making a fool of ourselves in public but I think last night was an exception. When one is tired, one ceases to think rationally. Then again, it wasn’t an embarrassing moment but felt carefree.

So we had a little fun destressing moment, a light workout if you may call it a workout and managed to kill some time. I think we were at it for a good 15-20 minutes until the store announced it would be closing. Pity.

Honestly half the time we were laughing instead of playing. No Olympian table tennis performance we displayed but the laughter did worked out the kinks from the work-sapped body and it felt good.

Would we do it again next week? Hmm… We shall see.


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