Another One Leaves the Nest

12 Sep

You know your dinosaur status is reaffirmed when another child leaves the nest. First it was the twins who went to the US for their degrees. They are both back now and working. Then it was my M1 who went off last year and will be completing her Sophomore year by the end of Fall term. My M2 may be 15 years old now but I think she’s growing up too fast. Before we know it, she will also be off to university.

Then there is the bone creaking here and there status. I pulled a back muscle after gym on Monday last week and could not walk straight for a bit. Sigh. Dinosaur status reaffirmed.

Tonight, my other niece, my only sibling’s third kiddo is no kiddo anymore as she prepares to leave for Ireland to read law. We will all be at the airport to give her a happy send off.


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    […] year in September, my niece went off to Ireland to pursue her law degree. The family then had two less people around, her and my M1. Today I am […]

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