Work? What’s That?

19 Sep

It feels funny to return to work after enjoying a three-day break that occurred twice within a week, once at the beginning and another towards the end of the week. One could actually get used to it. While it’s bad for workflow, it sure does wonders for the inner being.

And I am in the opinion that such breaks are much better than going away for a vacation. Vacations are fun but tiring. Usually I would need another break to recover from the vacation. But these three-day breaks, they are different. I feel much relaxed and rested to the point of getting lazy.

We did not go anywhere far only to our favorite mall, spent time with Mom, caught a movie and eating food to our fancy. And being at home, it’s nice and quiet until the official senior citizen pet barks to make demands.

Of course, I was also being a couch potato, crushed some candies, harvested fruits and beat up some monsters while M2 put in some hours doing her revision. Best part is we didn’t have to pack our schedule to see this, do that and eat off the list – something most vacation-seekers tend to do while being on a holiday. And we have the comforts of our bed and pillows after a long day to be well rested and ready for the next day’s activities or should I say inactivity.

Well, got to snap out of it, if not complacency will kick it. It was good while it lasted. Now, back to work!


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