Antics of a Senior Citizen Pet

27 Sep

Rooney, our English bulldog, affectionately called ‘Roo’, was recently elevated to “Senior Citizen” on top of being official pet number one because of the food we recently bought for him. And with his recent change in status, we suddenly see a lot of the picky pot’s idiosyncrasies. It has always been there but now being a senior, it becomes more obvious and here’s some of it.

Idiosyncrasy #1: He does not like drinking water from his water bowl. With the weather sometimes so hot, I suspect water left in there tastes flat and warm. He prefers to drink off the tap, kind of like having draft beer, only this is water of course. And he makes it known (by barking obviously) he’s gotta have his draft water at every opportunity when we are home.

Idiosyncrasy #2: He cannot stand that once he’s done eating, his bowl is left there, unwashed. And he makes it known he’s gotta have his dish washed and put away. Like immediately. Now, this instant.

Idiosyncrasy #3: He insists on being escorted to and from the garden when clearly he can do it himself. Sometimes we feel it’s just plain silly, a brave bulldog needing someone to escort him in broad daylight and at night in semi-darkness for the short walk.

Idiosyncrasy #4:  He cannot stand the fact that when we eat, he does not. Every time when he’s out in the garden, he can see the dining table and there we are having our meal whilst he is just standing there, looking longingly. Half the time our meals, dinner especially are very hurried and hardly relaxing because of the constant noisy interruption.

Idiosyncrasy #5: He also cannot stand his poop left there for even two minutes after he’s done. Obviously he makes it known until we have to go clean it up.

Idiosyncrasy #6: We all sincerely believe that Roo has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). He just cannot stand it when something is not put right in its place. Irks him to no end and he makes it known insistently. I don’t know how many dogs are like him. If a towel fell on the floor or the kitchen mop is not put right, we will surely hear from him.

I wonder if there are any bulldogs out there like our Roo? Hmm…




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