Antics of a Senior Citizen Pet, Part 2

29 Sep

The OCD-ness in official pet number one has surfaced yet again! Two nights ago, we changed the drainage pipe of the washing machine and he totally lost it. Roo just cannot stand the sudden change because it’s something new and out of place.

As his little abode is just next to the washing machine, he can see it and irks him to no end. Hah! Such an OCD but annoying (for us) at the same time because he keeps barking at it. And it’s insufficient to just raise the pipe over the machine to be out of his reach because it’s still there and he can see it.

So what did we do? We had put the pipe away and instantly, there was peace until the next wash and the pipe has to be fixed back. A very inconvenient situation but I hope this is temporary until we find a permanent solution for we cannot allow him to be a Little Napoleon in total control of us. 


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    […] occasionally. On top of all these, he is also very OCD for a dog! We still have not resolved the washing machine drainage pipe […]

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