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A Proud Stain

17 May

A week has passed since the 14th General Elections and the index finger that was marked with indelible ink still has some leftover stain. Initially, the finger was a light lavender shade when I left the polling station after voting. Then as time passed that day, it became darker to the point of looking grotesque and gangrenous.

I tried cleaning off the stain by combining two drops of Clorox with some laundry detergent because a girlfriend said this worked, and it did but not the whole lot came off.

So I let it be, ignored the color and just used my hands normally the next few days. I must say the friction of my daily actions did most of the work. There’s no need then to Clorox my finger further.

However until today, the stain on the fingernail is still there. It’s okay, I am proud of the stain, a reminder of that historic day when the course of Malaysia has been changed for the better.


Towards the evening on 9 May after the cleaning attempt