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Let the Exams Begin

13 Nov

Today M2 will sit for her BIG exam – the SPM with the first subject in the morning. This is her final year in high school and all the hard work comes down to this moment.

A month long duration, we will have to endure the anxiety and give her as much moral support as possible. Over the months, she had taken over the dining table with all the revision books and notes, working hard and very much dedicated in her efforts.

All the best, my dear M2; we know you can do it. Let the exams begin!


12 Nov

Sunday was a significant day with the date being 11.11. While there was this HUGE Singles Day online sales with record numbers being achieved globally, it was a significant day for us for a different reason. Our beloved Official Pet number one turned 11, hence 11.11.11.

What a journey it has been for us with Rooney, our English Bulldog, official pet, senior citizen of the house and shortest member of the family.

He may have the grumpiest face, the loudest and most insistent bark on the street, the most stubborn streak surpassing even me, I can go on but we love him all the same!

Happy Birthday and stay healthy, my silly grumpy boy.


Embracing Change, Part 2

9 Nov

These days I am wondering if my decision to update to iOS12 was a good one. While I have gotten used to the new iOS now, I think my iPhone5S has not and cannot handle the change or something is not right with the phone. The battery drain problem has gotten worse.

It may last a day if I don’t use it but such a scenario is highly unlikely in this age of constant connectivity. And with minimal usage, it can’t even last half a day. Note half a day!

There was once the battery was down to 54% and I was at the grocery store. One quick snap of a picture and a phone call, the battery power plunged drastically to one percent!!! One percent, how is that even possible with a conversation less than a minute with M2 just to confirm the choice of cereal?

And that wasn’t the first time it happened. Then two weeks ago, the phone had 54% (again) and I was updating some apps. It was fine, the next minute, it dropped to 16%. Something is obviously very wrong.

I was hoping not to jump the gun to wish an early death for my beloved iPhone5S but it looks like now, this decision has been taken out of my hands. Sigh.

I am contemplating whether to just change the battery to resuscitate and save the phone. Hmm… Something to really think about. Otherwise, I may have to upgrade to a newer model sooner than later, something I am not keen to do yet. We shall see. For now, the powerbank is a must have.

Thriving Garden, Part 2

8 Nov

Lately, I have been noticing the staghorn fern in front of the house, something I don’t normally do. And it’s rather exciting to see a new green leaf growing and wrapping itself onto the shield frond. How refreshing it looks! This is despite the wonky wet and hot weather that we are experiencing.

But I now wonder how long will it take before it turns brown. Hmm… I guess I have to watch the fern more closely the next few days.


The photos were taken four days apart.


Need to Getaway

6 Nov

Maybe I need to get away from the usual routine and life. Stay away from golf and carving, and take out that bikini to wear to even out all the uneven golf tan lines.

I saw a sports doctor yesterday to evaluate the wrist. Thankfully it’s not what I thought initially – Avulsion Fracture and no necessity for an X-ray or MRI. Rather it’s a case of De Quervain’s stenosing tenosynovitis, inflammation of the tissue on the thumb side of the wrist. Commonly known as Wrist Tendinitis, it is due to overuse.

On top of over usage, it seems that Tendinitis is part and parcel with age, being the dinosaur that I am. Gee, as if I don’t have enough problems already what with the Infectious Collitis and Endometriosis diagnosed earlier in the year. I’m such a problematic dinosaur this year.

But with the weather so wonky these days and M2’s big exam looming closer each day, will we have time for a much needed escapade? Frankly, I don’t think it will be enjoyable with constant wet weather nor will there be ease of mind knowing what’s ahead for her.

It’s a good thing that today’s a public holiday and I am home taking a mini break as recommended by the doctor.

Ciabatta No More

5 Nov

I managed to rework the second Gnome Home and am pleased to say that it’s a ciabatta no more! I added more Meranti wood pieces to the top and sides to give it more height and volume.

Then I painstakingly carved and filed down the addition to blend with the ‘roof’ so that the overall look is proportionate to the base. Areas where I couldn’t get it to look smooth, the wood putty did the job.

And after adding gesso to the overall shape, you can’t tell that the whole piece is actually made up of big and small pieces. Once the final touch of colors are added, my Gnomes have another home. Yay.





A Colorful Bloom

2 Nov

I may not be a garden or plant person like hubby but I do appreciate a full bloom when I see one. Yesterday when he showed me this colorful air plant, I must say the heart did a funny flip albeit tiny. Still… a flip’s a flip.

Other times when hubby showed me little baby shoots coming out at the sides of a mummy air plant, honestly I don’t know what I am looking at. Likewise when I stand in front of his bromeliad collection, I can’t relate. I don’t know what I am looking at to appreciate. I’m pathetic…

But colors on a bloom, they are different and I can appreciate. So perhaps I am not that pathetic after all?


Mounted on a piece of wood and hanging with a wire, this beauty is looking darn pretty!

800 Days

1 Nov

Yesterday I reached Day 800 with the Candy Crush Soda’s Daily Bonus! It’s like an obsession and a mindless morning routine on the iPad Mini for me to reach this crazy number .

The iPad Mini…. big sigh. Sometimes the device works, sometimes not and it bothers me depending on what I do. If I do need to play Soda for the heck of it, I will play it on the phone because on the iPad, the app can’t go beyond the Daily Bonus.

I get more riled up when I am on Sticky Hands’ apps – Solitaire Cooking Tower and Age of Solitaire because the iPad Mini is just too laggy with these new games but this is not the focus here. It’s the Candy Crush Soda’s milestone.

And as I have said previously when I reached Day 700, for every 100 days you’d see a post on this crazy number of a milestone. Next aim: Day 900. I think I can do it.


Next milestone to reach: Day 900!