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Is It A Sign?

14 Aug

Recently I started playing two new games, Age of Solitaire and Solitaire Cooking Tower by Sticky Hands Inc. I like the first one because it has funky music. Very rare to have nice jazzy pieces from such games. As for the second one, I am into it to see how high I can build my tower; currently I have six floors and my seventh floor is at 33% to completion.

Both games are a refreshing change from my usual candy games. Yes, I am still at them candies. But there is a hitch to my new entertainment.

My iPad.

It has been acting up, being laggy and always quitting mid-way through a round on either games. And it’s not just under-performing with these two apps, sadly even reading the news on Safari is too big a task for my poor iPad. Let’s not even go into the exasperation I have to deal with when it comes to Candy Crush Soda…

It’s like the device can’t cope with the speed of the internet or my deft hands, thus giving up on me at every opportunity. Is this a sign my iPad Mini is nearing its end? After all, it is almost six years old. And any device that can last this long is surely a miracle. My poor iPad.


A New Club

10 Aug

Several months ago I bought a new club, a 3-iron for a steal of a price! With thoughts of going back to playing more golf, I wanted to expand my iron usage ability.

Now I can handle my irons well, up to a 4-iron and I thought with this new addition, it could give me an edge. I don’t use my woods as much; the only wood I have in the bag is a 3-wood which sometimes can work and sometimes not. In other words, my irons work better.

I just need to build back my strength and regain my confidence if there’s any hope to improve the game a notch higher with this new club.


A Quick Job

9 Aug

Within less than a week, Monument 11 was completed! I ought to give myself a pat on the shoulder as it took less time than I anticipated with the usual steps (after carving) of sanding down to shape, patching any unwanted gaps, painting the base coat and applying the finishing colors.

I am finalising my thoughts to begin the glued two-piece Meranti. However, with several golf games lined up this month, one being a tournament, I will only begin after all the golf in case I aggravate the tennis elbow whilst carving away on the hard Meranti.

As for the idea, I am actually contemplating something new, a Gnome home! I hope I can pull it off.


Empty Nests

7 Aug

The trays that I use to house all the Citizens of Gigglesville look so empty these days despite a population of 170. Well, when so many of them migrate, 90 to be exact I am bound to have empty nests. I need to step it up to fill the void.

Forget the big Meranti pieces for the time being, just focus on the Citizens and I shouldn’t have any problems to fill up the trays again.


The Giant Citizens, Superheroes and Baby Whales decided to take one tray to fill the void

The Trophy Owl

6 Aug

A friend recently requested for a white colored Citizen of Gigglesville. Now I have never done a white one as the end result because white is always the base before any colors are added.

But I obliged her for special reasons and voila! I now have what I call the Trophy Owl. This could be the beginning of something new or a whole new category by itself. Hmm…


Stuck Yet Again

3 Aug

After that creative run to carve up 36 Citizens of Gigglesville, I now find myself suddenly stuck for ideas. I have been staring at this two-piece glued Meranti block for some time already but just cannot figure out what to carve. Another Gandalf-like Gnome? Or perhaps a Gnome abode, something totally different? Hmm…

Actually I am caught in between wanting to start a new piece on a Meranti and wanting to play more golf. Knowing that working on big Meranti pieces will aggravate my tennis elbow will inadvertently affect my golf, the balance is tough.

Then again the itch to carve is strong. That’s why I have continued with more Citizens on soft balsa to preserve the elbow after the 36 Citizens was done.

The block beckoned again. In the end, I opted for a one piece Meranti and started on Monument 11. The block would have to wait.


Battle of the Boxes, Part 2

2 Aug

I seem to be losing to hubby as far as our battle of the boxes is concerned. I have stopped my online shopping for the time being because there’s nothing more for me to buy to enhance my carving tools while just about every week, he’d received a box or package at the office and it’s usually an air plant, what else? Haha.

This latest package came and for once, it’s not an air plant but a dozen plastic garden pots that are not available at the regular nursery.


All Packed and Ready

31 Jul

This is it! All 36 Citizens of Gigglesville are finally packed and ready for their mass migration tomorrow. I hope the recipients will treasure and love these Citizens as much as I do. It has been very therapeutic and satisfying for me carving and painting each and every one up.

Goodbye my Citizens, be good, behave and be happy in your new homes!


Weekend of Champions

30 Jul

I have amazing girlfriends and they inspire me with their grit, mental strength and focus. Over the weekend, three amazing women came out tops in their respective activities, two in golf and one in an ultra-trail race.

Girlfriend #1 defended her Champion title in the Women’s category in her golf club’s Annual Championship, Girlfriend #2 was the Nett Champion amongst men in a golf Invitational tournament while Girlfriend #3 romped to fourth placing in her category in the 100km race. A weekend of champions indeed! Well done, girlfriends, you ladies are simply amazing.

Change of Colors

27 Jul

Out of the blue, I decided to change the colors of two Monuments. I felt the original colors were not contrasting enough. Also the fluorescent green on the smaller Monument was patchy, I didn’t like it.

The new Martha Stewart Granny Smith green color beckoned and lo and behold, I painted it over the fluorescent green. But I couldn’t do the same for the blue on the bigger Monument because there’s green already. So I used Fire Engine red instead.

I like both the Monuments much better now. All they need is just a final gloss varnish for the finishing touch.