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We Say Goodbye

8 Jan

After almost a month being home, our firstborn M1 returned to the US on Saturday evening. It had been simply a wonderful month, spending quality time together as we did so much or sometimes nothing at all. We had our family vacation in Hong Kong which was really fun.

And we enjoyed a sinful gastronomic journey covering her To Eat List; I think we managed all on the list. Needless to say, my waistline expanded and I gave up standing on my bathroom scale.

But how fast time flew by. My heart broke a little when we hugged her and saw her into the Departure Hall at KLIA as she headed back as a Junior turning Senior for her final year. Sniffle…

Fast forward to today—a Monday but a Sunday for her—she finally arrived, surviving the 3-leg journey with an unavoidable ten-hour layover in Hong Kong. I feel a sense of relief now.

Have a great year ahead M1!


Going Gaga Over Gudetama

21 Dec

You would think that being in Hong Kong and especially visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, we would be excited by Mickey and company but no, we were not as mesmerized as most would be. Instead, we found Gudetama and were captivated by it.

Somehow the lazy egg has gotten the better of us. M2 and I bought Gudetama socks; and she bought candies and a pencil case too. As for me, I acquired a recycle bag, a luggage tag and a two-sided self-inking rubber stamp.

There were more stuff available – folders, pouches, name card holders, pencils, passport holder, lunch boxes, little figurines and a whole lot of stationeries but I managed to refrain. It was tough though…

Bitten by the Flu Bug

19 Dec

The inevitable has happened! M2 and I have been bitten by the flu bug. I was fine up till my meeting yesterday but when I got home, it’s full blown. Not good.

I suspect it’s during the taxi ride home that we caught the chill, as I could feel the acute coldness in the car and I knew it’s going to hit; it certainly isn’t from the cold when we left Hong Kong nor tiredness from the travel. Sure enough it did.

Well, better rest for a speedy recovery.

Holiday’s Over

18 Dec

The minute the realization kicks in that the holiday is over, the body is sapped with lethargy and the spirit is down. Welcome back to reality. We got to the airport early yesterday, and after checking in, we took the train—transferring from one terminal to another—to look for Aji Ichiban to buy some last minute snacks. After our purchase, we had a simple noodle lunch before making our way to the designated gate.

Although our flight was delayed slightly, we managed to arrive home not too late which was good because this allowed us to readjust to the weather and rest. The holiday is truly over.

I shouldn’t have agreed to a meeting today with a potential new client but when it’s a potential new client, one should agree to accommodate them. Well, towards a good week ahead!



HK Day 5: Goodbye Hong Kong

17 Dec

We woke up at eight to a freezing cold apartment. Nine degrees the Weather app showed! No wonder it’s freaking cold. Thank goodness it’s our last day and we’re leaving. Goodbye Hong Kong, you have been really fun this trip as we totally enjoyed ourselves. But I am sure we will be back again.

HK Day 4: We Walked and Walked and Walked…

16 Dec

Today we topped it all, the mother of all walks! We were on the move for almost 12 hours, doing 17,217 steps and 10.7km. We covered so many areas after a hearty breakfast. It was a much colder day today with the temperature at 14 degrees Celsius so it made walking brisk. Everyone had three layers on except for M1.

We walked to Victoria Park to visit Tin Hau Temple and Lin Fa Kung Temple; after that we walked to Sogo the departmental store and went to every floor to browse because it’s fun to look especially at the household and decorative items. We saw an incense burner that costs a bomb, well, HK$428,000 to be exact! I kid you not. Does money fall from the sky for the people here? Seeing that we are not worthy to be new owners of the burner, we left Sogo for Nathan Road.

The Goldfish Market street was very interesting with lots of pets on display for sale. We crossed over here and there braving the sardine packed streets and stumbled upon Fa Yuen Food Market. Looking for food, we inadvertently found Mui Kee Congee. So good the congee tasted.

Sated and rested a bit, we moved on towards the Ladies Market, the main attraction in that area. By then the wind picked up and temperature got colder. And when it gets colder, one tends to want to go to the bathroom more frequently. But with so many street vendors and cramped eateries, finding a bathroom wasn’t easy. So what did we do?

We walked into a hospital to use the bathroom at the A&E department!

We ate again, this time finally getting our roast goose and roast pork with rice. Ahhh…. So so good. But the evening was not over yet as we headed down to Tsim Sha Tsui to watch the evening laser show. It was a little after 9.00pm when we got back to the apartment and all of us just couldn’t feel our feet anymore. What a day!

After four intense days of walking, I foresee no such lengthy walks in the next few days ahead. I must say it has been a really good family vacation and looking forward to the remaining time we have together with M1 before she goes back to the US in January.

HK Day 4: Tsim Sha Tsui 

16 Dec

Time flies when you are having fun. It is our fourth day already and I feel like we’ve done so much yet not enough. Today we will go across to Kowloon to do some serious eating and shopping. After yesterday’s 6.7km effort, look out Tsim Sha Tsui!

The last two days, out of the blue, my iPhone5S acted up. Frozed several times whilst I was taking pictures. Aargh. Why? Why now? I noticed the camera app has been a wee bit slower than normal. Maybe it can’t take the holiday stress with so many pictures? Hmm… I hope nothing serious. I don’t need to change to a new phone although the huge Apple stores here have been very enticing.

Multi levelled and so brightly lit, the Apple stores were also packed with customers. Yesterday at IFC, a lady stood outside the store offering to sell an iPhoneX that she just bought. And of course one would pay for it at a much higher price. No, I don’t need this. So my phone better behave so that I can take more memorable pictures for today’s outing.

HK Day 3: Lantau Island, Part 2

15 Dec

From Ngong Ping Village, we took Bus no. 2 down to Mui Wo and met up with my high school friend and her hubby for a late lunch. It was good to catch up and they treated us to a really sumptuous seafood lunch. The chatter was so rib-tickling and entertaining, just like the good old days.

I am glad we made the effort to meet up as it’s not often we see each other so much, with her residing here in Hong Kong and me in Kuala Lumpur.

After the meal and goodbye, we took the ferry across back to Hong Kong island. What a day with subway rides, cable car, bus and now the ferry. It was only 5.30pm when we were at the IFC area. We wandered a bit before making our way back to our familiar territory, bought dinner to bring back to the apartment to eat in the comforts of ‘home’.

I thought I would cover 6.0km today but no, I actually did 6.7km or 10,965 steps. Yes, we are all tired to the core but it’s a good tired.

Tomorrow it will be another day of walking and more walking! Kowloon on the agenda.

HK Day 3: Lantau Island, Part 1

15 Dec

The queue for the Ngong Ping cable car ride was longer than those at Disneyland. We got to the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal by 10.30am after breakfast. As we opted for a one-way instead of a round trip, we could not pre-book the tickets on So we had to stand in line, for half an hour, to buy tickets and another half an hour to wait for our turn to board the cable car.

The cable car ride was very breath-taking. And for the first time, we saw the whole layout of the airport, HKIA. Rather bland looking (all brown) but busy and practical. It took 25 minutes from the starting point to reach the other end, the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal. Weather was lovely again, a bit on the cool side.

We had a quick bite at Ngong Ping Village before having a leisurely walk through the village to Po Lin Monastery. The atmosphere was rather serene. There were cows everywhere, grazing and chilling amidst the crowd. Interesting. Heading towards the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, the burning incense was enough to make our eyes sting in a nice way, I guess.

After admiring all the architecture, colors and statues, we made our way to the bus stop to catch the bus to Mui Wo.

HK Day 3: Ngong Ping 360

15 Dec

Woke up with a splitting headache. The pillow is simply horrible. It’s so flat and worst than a fluffy pancake. Ugh… But I won’t let this spoil my day. We are heading out to Lantau Island again to take the Ngong Ping cable car and visit the other interesting sites there.

Maybe another 6.0km on the MiBand? We shall see…