Identity Crisis

7 Jun

Now that my Gandalf-looking Gnome is painted up, I feel it has an identity crisis! When it was all white with the gesso base, it looked like Gandalf. Now with the lavender shade, it’s looking more like a Wizard.

I was at a crossroad on the color choice. Believe me, it wasn’t easy and I even debated with M2 and hubby on the matter. In the end, I picked lavender.

While it’s a gnome and lives in Gnomie-wood, I felt it shouldn’t don the red cap and blue outfit because it’s of a different shape from the rest. And if it’s all red, it may end up looking like Santa. God forbid if it’s all green, it will look like a leprechaun!

The signature feature of my gnome series with the cone cap covering the face and eyes, and just the nose sticking out maintains the gnome allure despite the color difference.

I guess a variation is good for the gnomes of Gnomie-wood, just like the Citizens of Gigglesville with the many different species either still living in Gigglesville or have migrated to spread love and giggles.



The Shoe Queen Strikes Again

5 Jun

Guess what? It looks like the Shoe Queen has struck again! It was only in February when I bought a new pair of Footjoy golf shoes and exactly four months later, on June 1st, I bought my umpteenth pair of golf shoes. Honestly, I have lost count but there’s a reason behind this newest purchase.

Lately, it has been raining more often than I can remember for around this time of the year. Despite such weather conditions, I have gone back to playing golf. And sadly, my shoes are a disappointment. They don’t hold up well as claimed and neither do they dry on time before the next game.

The Footjoy has held up only slightly better than both the Adidas pairs. Water still seeps in but toes are not as pruned. The same cannot be said for both the Adidas spike and spikeless pairs. They have failed me with water seeping in midway through the games. By the end of 18-holes each time, I’d end up with soaked socks and pruned toes. Not a nice feeling. Ugh.

Then again, it has been raining cats and dogs every single day and any waterproof shoes would not be able to withstand the soggy conditions on the golf course. I don’t even bother to wear the canvas Skechers golf shoes because I know they would be totally done in.

So I hope this new pair, a Nike this time – waterproof, leather and semi-spiked, will fare better under those extreme soggy conditions. We will find out when I wear it for my next game.



4 Jun

Appalled at the realization that the month of May yielded so little carvings, I stayed away from reading the news and carved up a storm two nights before the weekend came about. And thank goodness for the light breeze of both evenings, it was the perfect setting to start on a new piece. I worked on it like a person possessed.

Within two nights, Gnome #12 came around. This time, this fella is really different from the rest. Extremely different in fact. By the end of the weekend, my new carving looks more like a Gandalf than a Gnome of Gnomie-wood! Hahaha… what have I created?


Big debate on what color should this fella be. Any suggestions?

Moving Slowly, Part 2

1 Jun

Gnome #11 of Gnomie-wood took almost two weeks to complete. Firstly, it’s a big fella, secondly all that time when I should be working on it was diverted to reading the news instead. Oh well, better to move slowly than not at all.

At seven and three quarters inch, Gnome #11 is by far the tallest now, surpassing Gnome #9 by 3/4 of an inch.

I hope to complete Gnome #11 by the weekend (adding the gloss varnish) and most likely push myself to start on another piece.


The process of carving a Gnome


With a gloss still to add on, Gnome #11 is almost done!

Moving Slowly

31 May

Lately the carving stalled because I got side-tracked keeping up with the news on the elections every single night. Citizens of Gigglesville is stagnant at a population count of 132 as of April 24th and the last three citizens, born in April were not even painted up. And since then, there’s no new Citizen. Zilch. Nada.

Sure there were some whales, Apeach, Giant Gnomes and Monuments but that’s about it. Not a single new Citizen this whole month of May. Sigh…


Green Fingers Red Chillies, Part 2

29 May

So we harvested the habanero chillies. I must say they are kinda cute and do look like Christmas ornaments. I gave some to Mom and a couple of friends to try, and saved the rest for ourselves.

Hubby said the green one which he had tried previously had a nice oomph and gave me the impression that these red ones would taste the same.

Dang, they don’t! These red ones don’t just give a nice oomph but a fiery burn when we ate them last night. Phew…. hot, hot, hot!

Or could it be my tastebuds have mellowed because of the restrictive diet I was on given my health condition the last few months? I used to be able to eat spicy but sadly, this ability has deserted me. Sigh…

Hubby saved the seeds from the harvested batch to prep them to be planted again. It will be several months from now before we have another batch of hot fiery habanero chillies.

Green Fingers, Red Chillies

28 May

It’s a known fact that hubby is the green fingers person at home. The little herbs and vegetable patch in the garden is thriving. The habanero seeds that he threw into the soil several months ago have finally yielded some beautiful plump chillies.

Within a day when he showed me the green chillies, they ripened to become a beautiful red, hanging on the branches like little Christmas ornaments. This species is pretty spicy and although they look like miniature capsicums, they don’t taste like capsicum at all but gives a nice oomph to the tastebud.


Looking like little Christmas ornaments!


When they were still green…

What?! It’s Friday Again?

25 May

These few days I feel very disoriented as a result of time zipping by so fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday when I, along with the rest of the nation, was gripped by the 14th General Elections? Since then, I haven’t been keeping track of time as I have become so engrossed daily with news and headlines that followed. Strange what a post-General Elections outcome can do to a person.

Last night I thought it was already Friday and was dreaming of sleeping in the next morning, thinking it to be Saturday. But no, today’s only Friday. Then only the weekend will kick in, and before you know it, another week comes along. And what? It’s Friday again… I think I need to get away for a break…

A Sweet Tooth

24 May

I must confess I do have a sweet tooth. Yes, I cannot resist chocolate every now and then or even dessert after meals. And occasional I’d like to have a lollipop to have a sugar rush.

The lolly of choice is of course Chupa Chups.

Recently, I went to the grocery store, not my regular store and discovered to my delight, Chupa Chups now comes in a can! A sparkling drink in various flavours. Wow, I never knew. Then again my regular store does not carry this.

But that day, I didn’t feel like having anything sweet so I gave it a miss. Maybe next time when I revisit that particular store, the range will still be there and I may pick one flavour up, just to try.


Which one should I try? Hmm…


Resistance is Futile

22 May

Of late, I find myself craving for chocolate. So for the past several evenings, I’d have a little piece or two or three but not more. Hopefully this won’t go to the waistline.

I must say I am holding up okay in terms of my weight after the weight loss due to the recent health issues. In other words, I have not gained what I have lost which is good. Although I have gone back to eating normal, in moderate portions, and even having an occasional glass of alcohol, I cannot eat much. I think the tummy has shrunk and unable to stomach big portions which probably explains the zero weight gain.

The one thing I find I can’t get used to now is coffee! I don’t need it and I can function without it, so it’s okay if I don’t drink it at all. There’s no urge and the Earl Grey tea, decaf mind you, suits me fine.

I even went back to having onions, again in moderation and no reactions. As for the other food items that I avoided before – wheat, cheese, dairy, eggs, tuna and white bread, somehow I just don’t eat them anymore. There’s no sense of missing any of it. But if I do eat, there’s no reactions. Thank goodness.

Now, chocolate… it’s a totally different thing because resistance is futile.