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Forget 2048

29 Mar

A while back I thought I’d try the number game, 2048 and I did. However, my interest in it did not last and I was back to my candy crushing habits. Two nights ago, M2 introduced me to a new number game, 1010.

It’s quite addictive I must say especially now when I am having challenges crossing the levels that I am stuck at for my three usual games. So forget, 2048, 1010 is the way to go!


A New Game

3 Jul

I thought I could get into the numbers game, 2048 but just can’t. It takes up too much of my time to finish one round. But I contradict myself here saying this when my other three games take up far more of my time! Well, I can’t just get into 2048.

Then I don’t know why I unsuspectingly tried my hands at a new game, Monster Busters Hexa Blast. Maybe because I was stuck at my usual games and I could not progress further, I needed a distraction to quell my energy. Well, not quite as addictive as my other games, Hexa Blast is quite challenging and definitely more fun than 2048.

I am at Level 138 now.

Addiction or Distraction?

14 May

Frustrated that I could not progress for my usual virtual games, I needed a distraction and decided to try the game, 2048. The girls and hubby play it all the time but I abstained fearing addiction.

My goodness! It is quite addictive. There are several versions available to download but I find the five tile version easiest to lull away time. Every now and then, I would pop over to this whenever I find myself stuck at my usual games.