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The Fifth Anniversary

12 Jun

Five years ago on this day, I started this blog of mine and five years has gone by and it is still going strong. What a milestone. Every day except Wednesday and weekends there’d be an entry, and more often if I travel. I have been very disciplined about it.

Life is simply amazing to give me so much to write about. While mostly it’s happy and memorable experiences worthy to share, there were sad and painful moments too, even fear at some point. Such is life.

Humbly, I’d like to say “Thank you” to all my readers out there and “Happy 5th Anniversary” to me and my blog. It means a lot to me that people, friends and strangers from all over the world, have an interest in what I have to say about my children, my travels and my life.


Happy Anniversary!

1 Sep

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Like age, I think an anniversary is just a number but we still do something special to mark the occasion.

A nice dinner is of course a must. It used to be an exchange of gifts to commemorate the milestone. Or a trip abroad. When we reached our 15th anniversary, we inadvertently got the milestone wrong, and went off to Italy for a wonderful holiday.

The next year when we realized it was really the 15th anniversary and not the year before, we had a good laugh and marked the milestone with another awesome trip, this time to Sydney.

This year as we mark 22 years together, I thought a little something different would be nice besides the nice dinner.

Yesterday morning, I carved two cute looking matching owls for hubby and myself. This is to mark our similarities, differences and togetherness. I think it’s an apt representation.

Happy anniversary, my dear hubby!

Four Years Ago

12 Jun

It was on this date four years ago that I started this blog and have been going on strong until now. I seem to have a lot to write and share.

But I must say a big “Thank you!” to all my readers out there and “Happy Anniversary” to me and my blog! Keep it up.

Happy Anniversary

1 Sep

What?! It’s that time of the year again for us to gush over the year that has gone by and add another notch to the marriage. Didn’t we just meet at a recent graduation party in Queens, New York? Or was that eons ago? Goodness, no wonder I feel more and more like a dinosaur.

Last year, being the 20th anniversary–a special milestone–we went off to Khao Yai, Thailand but this year, only a simple dinner which was a short drive away from home. Have we mellowed and lost our sense of wanderlust? Why not another faraway trip like before? Could it be a 21st anniversary is not as big a deal as a 21st birthday? 

Truth is, we did talked about going somewhere but we couldn’t decide – golf trip versus a beach getaway. So nothing came out of this indecision. I guess we are fine to stay put in the end. So yesterday, a simple early dinner sufficed to mark the occasion and we even included M2.

It was cozy, quiet and nice until the crowd came in. Well, another year, another milestone, another strand or two of white hair on the crown…

Happy anniversary hubby!


Third Anniversary 

10 Jun

Come Sunday, 12th June, it marks yet another milestone as I reach three years of writing and keeping my blog going. Wow. Three years. Amazing. Never knew I had so much to write and share…

I can’t put into words what this means. All I can say is thank you and keep on reading as I will keep on writing! 

Happy anniversary my blog.

Where are We Going?

29 Aug

We left the house early this morning to avoid any delays as this is a long weekend. Who knows? The roads may be clogged and the airport check-in line may be miles long. Well, none of these happened; we got to the airport in 45 minutes and the feared long line was non existent. Phew!

It comes as no surprise that we will be heading to our favorite country again for our Alphabet Trip. Since we arrived early, we are enjoying the privileges of the Premium Lounge before our flight at 12.20pm.

The fun begins!

Our Alphabet Trip

28 Aug

Our wedding anniversary is coming up soon. During the significant milestones, we make it a point to go off somewhere to celebrate and rekindle the romance. Sounds corny I know but necessary for the soul and that’s how it works. Away from our daily routine, away from the mundane and away from the stress.

I call this our ‘Alphabet Trip’. 

A to admire, B to buy, C is ‘see’, D to drink, E to eat, F* to… well, you get the idea.

There was one year hubby got the anniversary year mixed up. Thinking it was the 15th year milestone, he planned our trip to Italy covering Rome, Florence and Venice. We visited museums, admired beautiful architecture, ate and drank a lot and basically, did the whole alphabet routine.

The following year, when it was the actual 15th anniversary and realizing the mix up, we decided to do another trip and basically covered the alphabets again. It was from this trip to Sydney that I bought my Blundstone boots.

The years that followed were ‘insignificant’ years, so we didn’t do anything special or planned anything grand. This year, the 20th wedding anniversary is coming up!

OMG. Where did time go? 20th milestone. No wonder there has been an increase in white hair count, M1 has gone off to university, M2 turned 14 but going on 18 and perspectives on life has changed. But these are good accomplishments save for the white hair count, that can’t be good.

We will be making a trip and decided to extend the alphabet to include ‘G’. For golf. It should be an awesome time.

Here’s to many more milestones together. Happy anniversary to us!

Happy Anniversary 

12 Jun

I find it amazing that today marks the second anniversary of my blog. Two years! Wow… Two years of daily musings (except for Wednesdays) and constant blogs when I travel. I never knew I had so much to talk about.

What started out as simply my wanting to share about my children’s antics has evolved somewhat to what it is now. I would to thank my followers and readers for keeping up with me to reach this milestone.

Looking forward to many more!

Happy Anniversary!

12 Jun

Will there be more highlighted countries?

It was exactly a year ago today that I started this. How time flies! I find it astounding that I had so much to write for the past one year. My girls, code named M1 and M2, have been a constant story source—past and present—and it’s amazing what anecdotes I get from them. Then there’s my apps and games in my devices plus my travels, basically my daily life—happy, silly, frustrating, annoying, you name it—that I felt was worth sharing.

Initially I started out with five days of posts for the weekday. Then once I settled into a comfortable routine, I decided to do four, resting on Wednesdays and the weekends. But of course when I travel, the schedule differs.

As today is yet another milestone, I’d like to humbly thank the many viewers/readers/supporters who visited and visits daily; it makes me proud to say, I have more than a hundred bloggers worldwide following me (on top of my Facebook friends), two shy of the 8,000 view mark (today) from readers in 84 countries in the world! Never in my wildest dreams I thought I could reach these figures.

Happy Anniversary me and many more to come!