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Pablo Had Us Worried

5 Jun

The past few days, Pablo had us so worried. He seemed disconnected and hid in the pot all the time. Does not even flare his pincers whenever I check on him, just curls deeper into the back timidly.

We weren’t sure if he was preparing to moult but he looked weakened without eating anything for days. Possible hunger strike?

We had to do something. So last night, hubby decided to remove the pot and put the driftwood back, positioning it carefully so that that we can still have a clear view (in fact, better than the last time) and Pablo can still dig his trench. Immediately, Pablo’s behavior changed!

Thank goodness, he even managed to catch a prawn and gobbled it up and soon was back to his old feisty self. Phew! I think he missed the driftwood. His security blanket of sorts.


Pablo is Not Happy

25 May

The past few days, the crustacean in the house is definitely not happy. Every time when I walk pass the little aquarium, the sullen fella is hiding beneath the driftwood from clear sight. Hubby’s also not happy that we cannot see Pablo, so he removed the wood and put back the pot cave, hoping with a less crowded aquarium, we can see him and vice versa.

And what does Pablo do? He digs a little trench beneath the pot and hides there from clear sight as well. Yesterday morning, I saw him inside the pot but head facing inside. We don’t know what he is sulking about, probably thinking of his freedom that time when he escaped.

He is not happy.

Pablo is Sulking

19 May

After his ‘capture’ and return to the little aquarium, we think Pablo is angry at us to the point of sulking because we have reinforced all points of escape.

Every now and then when I look at him, he would turn his back at me! Aww… can a crayfish have feelings?

Pablo’s Great Escape

16 May

We thought we lost him for good – Pablo, our pet crayfish. I dreaded coming home from office to find a dried up crustacean under the sofa or a spot we missed looking yesterday morning when we discovered the escape. But work at the office beckoned and we couldn’t spend the whole morning at home looking for a runaway crayfish.

He did pull off a great escape and Houdini act, scaling the little aquarium’s glass wall and disappeared for many hours.

That evening we came home and looked again. This time peering closely at the pond in the middle of the house, the most logical place. And lo and behold! Pablo Sanchez Rodriguez was chilling in there.

The great escape artist had a great escape from a dried-up death!

I simply cannot fathom how he did it. The night before he was in the aquarium but didn’t look happy after a water change. What happened thereafter was quite incredible when we charted his likely path.

He fell out from the aquarium that was sitting on a three feet high cupboard, and crawled that floor space towards the eight steps of stairs, most likely tumbling down in the process. Then, crawled along the living room floor towards the middle of the house to dive into the pond. Quite an amazing feat!

Hubby said the fall could have resulted in a concussion (if hard headed crustaceans can get one!) and left him for dead behind the cupboard but no, he survived. And in fact, got smarter to find water to stay alive! This could almost be a script from Disney or a twist to a Finding Nemo plot: Finding Pablo!

We actually measured the distance from aquarium to pond and it was about 33 feet. And for a feisty little bugger, the distance I must say is quite overwhelming in relation to his two and a half inch size! But he persevered.

Thank goodness, he’s okay. All the Bobs (aka fishes) in the pond did not bully him or eat him (horrors of all horrors!) and he’s back safely in his abode now. This time, we have secured all loopholes. One fake plant has been removed and the driftwood repositioned to prevent another great escape.

This morning, he looks hyper and a tad angry that he’s back in the aquarium. What a character! Perhaps we will let him out to the pond every now and then to join the community.


Where it all began…


Where it ended.


Back home and sulking!

Pablo Escaped!

15 May

What can I say? Boo hoo hoo…

We don’t know how, we don’t know when but this morning when we walked passed the aquarium and wanted to take a look a him, the aquarium was missing its tenant!

Searching high and low, we just cannot find Pablo. Feisty little bugger, perhaps too feisty for its own good, scaling the walls of the aquarium and pulling this Houdini act.

I seriously think we will not be able to find him. Boo hoo hoo…

Can you see him cos we sure can’t. 😭

This is Pablo!

2 May

It wasn’t planned but we were at the pet shop after dinner last night and every creature at the store were oh-so-cute! M2 was ooh-ing and aah-ing at the baby rabbits, colored prawns, crabs, toads and stingrays while I was equally mesmerized by the hamsters and chinchilla.

I saw the two aquariums filled with crayfishes and debated why not again. Having pet water sure isn’t that engaging. Although I contemplated the African Patriot crabs (their expressions were hilarious and appealing), we had to be practical. Our little aquarium is not big enough to have the water and ‘land’ separation for the crab. So a crayfish it shall be.

Meet Pablo Sanchez Rodriguez, a rather intriguing name for our new red crayfish. Maybe with a macho and longer name, Pablo will have a better and longer life that our previous crayfishes.



20 Mar

We are still undecided on what to put in the little aquarium after Tuna went to pet heaven. Initially we left it empty and turned off the water pump. But so devoid of life and energy, it was unbearable. I guess we don’t want to retire the aquarium to the store like the crabarium (hermit crab aquarium) that we have.

So the fake plants went back in and the pump turned on again. Suddenly, it’s so lively and bubbly again until we put in some real live pets that is. 


Resting the Aquarium

28 Feb

I think after the sudden unexpected loss of Tuna, our crayfish, we will rest the little aquarium. No more pet fishes or crayfishes for now.

At one time, the losses were quite frequent, M2 said we should just keep pet rocks or pet water in there… Sigh.

Maybe we will just keep pet bubbles or better still, stick to bigger fishes and land pets.


How about some pet bubbles instead?


Gone to Pet Heaven

27 Feb

It wasn’t meant to be so soon but it happened, yesterday. The picture says it all. We are devastated. No words…

The Popping Tuna

23 Feb

During Chinese New Year, the pet shop was closed and we were not able to buy live prawns to replenish for Meow-meow the arowana and Tuna the crayfish to eat. But luckily, there were some leftover clever ones hiding in Meow-meow’s big aquarium. So hubby was able to fish out one or two for Tuna to survive on.

By the fifth day of Chinese New Year, I noticed Tuna was not very active and most likely conserving energy. Every time I walked passed the little aquarium, he would be hiding in his little pot. He would not rush out with his claws raised as if to frighten me even when I squinted at it. A morbid thought crossed my mind: he was dying a slow death because of hunger! Yikes.

Thankfully by the sixth day (of Chinese New Year), the pet shop opened and we were able to replenish the food. And after several days, Tuna’s back to its old self again, flaring his claws at me whenever I walked near his abode.

One evening, he was about to do the same thing to me when his actions backfired. As he rushed towards me, the overhanging fake tree tickled him and suddenly, he was popping like a popcorn instead! It was rather funny.

Maybe we should not straighten the tree to its original upright position so that Tuna can pop and not lunge at me whenever I get close! Hehehe…