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A Delightful Discovery, Part 2

11 Jul

It is when one travels that one finds treasures and delightful discoveries. Besides the Hasegawa EggPlane that I found, I found a couple more things.

Discovery # 1: a Waldo book entitled ‘The Totally Essential Travel Collection’. Yes, I am fond of Waldo and this book totally has me absorbed looking for him whenever I need a breather from staring at my monitor for too long in the office.


Discovery #2: paint brushes from Michaels. I was like a kid in a candy store browsing the aisles looking longingly at all the art supplies. In the end, I opted for value, variety and quantity, and picked up these two packs of brushes which will come in super handy to use after the carving process.


With such delightful discoveries, it’s no surprise that I started carving a new piece last night so that I can use the brushes. As for Waldo, staring at the monitor is now not so tedious. Life is good!

New Colors, Part 2

5 Dec

Citizens of Gigglesville are getting new colors! I dropped by the art store over the weekend and bought new colors to expand the range for them. Actually not totally new but more of different shades for the existing red, blue and green for variation. I even picked up a bottle of Glow!

I thought the name of the blue shade is rather funny, Real Blue, as if all these while, the other blues that I am using are fake! Hahaha… it’s a nice dark blue nonetheless. So now, there’s three shades of blue which is good. Variations.

The dark Engine Red is similar to an existing Naphthol Red Deep, but it’s okay because like the blue, the red range now also has three shades.

And although the names are the same, the new Leaf Green does not even look close to the old Leaf Green. It is leaning more towards an olive shade while the old is akin to a Granny Smith’s apple green. Like the other two colors, the green range now also has three shades with the new olive addition.

As for the Glow paint, it’s something new to explore. The big debate now is whether to paint just the eyes or the whole body. With balsa being so porous, I’m don’t know how the end result would look. Hmm… got to experiment and see.


A Sketch and a Plan

11 Jul

Who would have thought that having nasal congestion is bad? I thought it would cloud my senses but contrary to it, it brings out my inner creativity.

We were out at the mall yesterday and stumbled upon a new art supplies store. Like a kid let loose in a candy parlor, we explored the aisles to our hearts’ content, oohing and ahh-ing constantly. It was as if we have been deprived for so long. 

I found some balsa wood and picked up a long piece; I decided to do a carving whilst M2 debated over a square and rectangle canvas. In the end, she chose the square one. On my prodding, she decided to try her hands at painting. So exciting!

We came home and after a good rest and dinner, I began my new project. For three solid hours, I did not touch my iPad and sat at the dining table to work out a sketch. Then I  whipped out my trusty Swiss Army penknife because I couldn’t find my carving tools and did this… a totem pole of owls.

Stay tuned for its progress and finished product!