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Boys, Girls and Couples’ Trip

5 Oct

Earlier this year, hubby and his high school friends went on their Boys’ Trip and such nostalgia they had. Every year or every other year, these guys – all grown men would make the effort to get together for this. What’s amazing is that we are talking about at least nine of them, not just a handful! With busy schedules and all working professionals, they somehow managed. Such is their bond.

I always have the impression for such trips, they would behave like youngsters, unbefitting of their age and having a good time. After all, boys will be boys and men can be boys too.

But seriously, all they do is just reminisced about their good old days besides catching up with each other and having a good time. Throw in a couple of golf games, alcohol and good food, what more could they ask for? This annual affair certainly refreshes them and gives another meaning to the saying, growing old together.

There was a time when my high school girlfriends and I would do the same as well with our annual Girls’ Trip. But sadly, over the years, everyone thinks they are too busy and cannot commit to this annual affair. Sigh…

There was one year, the six of us did make the extra effort when we hit the big four. Ok, I admit… I am not Forever 38 like what my two girls think. We booked a villa in Seminyak, Bali, and it came complete with a private pool, butler and chauffeur. What a really wonderful time we had. Imagine jumping into the pool at midnight without a worry and having fits of giggles.

The villa experience stuck in my mind that several years later, I proposed the villa stay idea to our group of friends and before we knew it, a Couples’ Trip materialized! There were four married couples and a single girlfriend and we had one heckuva time. Ahh… such precious memories.

I must say trips, golf games inclusive or not and whether with good friends, group friends or spouses are good for the heart and soul as well as the friendship/relationship. With this being said, I hope my group of high school girlfriends can find the time to commit to a Girls’ Trip soon for old friendship’s sake.

Where Shall We Go?

25 May

The mid-term school holidays are coming up and this will be the first time, if we decide to go somewhere, it is just the three of us.

The last time the family traveled together, prior to M1’s leaving for university, was to Bangkok, Thailand. It is weird to plan now. Where shall we go?

Bangkok? Again? We were just there. Bali? Nah… Been there. Hong Kong? Too hot. London? Certainly not. Singapore? Hmm…

For every destination that comes to mind, M2 would have a comment and we feel incomplete without M1 around. Maybe we should just stay put and enjoy the comforts of home.

Foot Massages

22 Apr

Foot massages are the best thing to do after playing a round or two or three of golf under the hot sun. Foot massages are also recommended if you spent 10 hours walking or shopping daily.

There are many types of massages but I like the footie ones best if the legs are tired to the core. Coupled with a back and shoulder treatment, it is just so soothing. But somehow foot massages are only considered when I travel to Bangkok or Bali, never to the Western world. It didn’t cross my mind to have one when I was in Paris two years ago. But always whenever we go to Thailand or Bali.

Pre-vacation Get Together

4 Nov

It’s been awhile traveling abroad with friends. My last few travels have been with—let’s see—hubby (Singapore), hubby and sibling (Paris), hubby again (local golf escapade) and hubby & office staff (Bali).

I have various travel groups for different travel categories: ‘all-girls trips’ are with friends since childhood whom I grew up together with; ‘couples trips’ are with married couple friends (sans children) and so on.

Now I have never traveled afar with this group of friends. Not new in the friendship but new in traveling together. As such, it was only the right thing to do to have dinner together to get to know them beyond the usual social golf meets.

Two weeks ago, hubby and I dined with the group whom I will be traveling with for my next destination. While hubby is not going for that trip, he joined us for dinner. Despite the handful who could not make it that night, it was good camaderie as we bonded over dinner, wine, whiskey and homemade cheese cake. I am sure when the group is whole, it will be even more merry-making and one blast of a trip!

Definitely looking forward to it tomorrow…

My New Ugly Crocs

31 Oct

Hubby decreed that my old Crocs are way too ugly for my next holiday and reminded me to get a new pair to replace it.

The old pair has indeed served me well, for years I should add. All worn out and falling to pieces, it’s time to say goodbye to it; Inspector Clouseau will have a new home too.


My old ugly Crocs.

Last Monday after work, we brought the girls out shopping and I bought a new pair of shiny Crocs, literally. Frankly, I didn’t have much choice as the new range are just too weird. It’s bad enough to have ugly Crocs but to don weird ones, I don’t know. M1 and M2 are just shaking their heads at the range available.


My pretty new ugly Crocs.

I know I am contradicting myself here saying it’s ugly yet I wear it. But they ARE comfortable and protects my toes well without giving me horrid tan lines (like how I envision a flip flop would). Also if I go near water (pool or seaside) or accidentally stepped into a puddle of water, the Crocs are easier to wash than my Rockport, which is leather and suede. See my point?

Furthermore, I realized from my recent trip to Bali, when one walks on the street, one keeps the eye at the face level, not feet level, so my Crocs are not the first thing people see.

Lastly, when I travel, nobody knows me save for the company I am with, so does it matter if I wear ugly Crocs? I usually have a great time so that’s all that matters.

I’m Good at This

21 Oct

Yes I must say I am getting better at Candy Crush than ever! The last two updates have been conquered before the new update is released. A few nights ago, I unexpectedly crossed Level 440 and tickets has also come forth from my fellow candy crushers to move on, on the laptop. Currently, I am at 445, playing it only at home after work but Zookeeper Battle is still on the iPad, at work, at home, in the car…

My fiercest competitor had surpassed me earlier, having captured the trophy at the last level and recaptured the trophy from me at the level prior. Should I take on the challenge to try to win it back? Nah.

After my holiday in Bali, I decided it’s not the trophy that matters after all, but just ploughing on. It’s good enough to be good at this, being way ahead, there’s no need to have that showcase trophy.

Ten White, Twenty Black

17 Oct

Whenever I look into the mirror and spot a white hair, horror would fill me and I’d get one of the girls to pull it out if I can’t reach it myself. Vain, silly or otherwise, one just cannot have a white strand sticking out, shouting to the world to be seen.

Just back from my recent holiday, I decided to do an overhaul — starting with the face with a facial, the body with a massage and the hair with an inventory check on black versus white. As it was a public holiday, it was perfect to get these done.

The going rate is ten cents per white hair but a penalty of twenty cents is incurred for them to pay back if a black hair was accidentally pulled out instead.

M1 is usually more obliging for this task and makes about two to three bucks from the hubby, and about one to two from me. However, whenever I am under duress from some super duper stressful project at the studio, three bucks is easily made. M2 would add salt to the wound by stating, “Mummy, you’re old.”

Coincidentally, I just concluded one half of a very stressful project prior to the trip to Bali.

And the evidence was evident.

“I found the loot!” M2, who was available and obliging, proclaimed. Ooh… That hurts. “How many?” I cringed.

“I’d say 30 but I’d just do 25 then I’m going to bed!” Well, I can’t argue with that.

M1 who just came out of the bathroom, giggled and rubbed it in, “Nah! I think there’s 40!” Hrmph.

“Argh! This one’s a scam! Half black, half white. Does it count?” The ever dramatic M2 asked then decided, “I think no. Okay, back to 23. Right, mummy… 23?”

Sigh, the perils of a stressful creative designer’s life.


Homeward Bound

14 Oct

We arrived in Bali in the new MH B737-800 (notice the big iPad-like touchscreen?) and going back to KL in the more spacious 777-200 (albeit with a smaller screen, like a Samsung 7″ tab but much bigger than the Nintendo sized screen of Air France when I went to Paris in July).

Thankfully I managed to catch the last 45 minutes of Man of Steel, which I had watched when Bali-bound and could not finish on time upon arrival then.

Contented now after the meal and a satisfying coffee, I count the hours until I see my girls at home.


The iPad-sized touchscreen of the B737-800.


The 7″ Tab-like sized touchscreen in the 777-200.


At the Airport

14 Oct

So we are at the airport already. The new structure is very modern. In daylight now, I do see Balinese elements slowly being incorporated, something that was missed when we arrived in the evening.

There is a pre-scan of bags before we queue at the departure check in counter. Very long line!

Done with all the necessary in an airport, we have a little bit of time to explore. Duty free is sparse and food outlets were none existent. But there’s water dispensing units everywhere.

The airport is huge! Many many times over the old airport. I believe once it’s completed, it would serve the island well.

As I sit here waiting, it is with nice memories of Bali. Goodbye and thanks, hubby and I will definitely return.




The Last Day

14 Oct

We opted to have breakfast outside instead as we did not buy the hotel’s breakfast voucher for today. And what did we eat? There’s so many choices and we had to eat McDonald’s!

Silly us. The Egg McMuffin was palatable but the coffee was horrid, not even a hint of coffee in the hot water. Sigh….

We walked passed a street vendor and he called out to us, hoping to solicit our business. “Are you from China?” Aiks! Do we have slitty eyes or what? We just walked away.

It is a short fourth day and not by choice for when the plans were made a month ago, outbound flights were limited. Nonetheless I checked with the three of them again on their experience and all said it’s been good. Hubby is already scheming for our own next trip here.