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No News is Good News

29 Jan

News headlines generally suck, world news suck and local news are no different. It is as though there are no positive news to update humanity. So it is better not to read the news than to learn what is going on around us to keep sane.

For this reason, I like to stay in my little bubble, away from all the shenanigans of the world for as long as I can manage.

So I carve. And I carve and carve.

After Monument 5 came about to kickstart the carving mood, everything fell into place. Within a few days, Monument 6, six Citizens and another Gnome were added to the population count of Gigglesville. No news is good news if this is the result.




I Need a Mallet?

28 Dec

My latest set of tools look so huge that hubby thinks I should have a log or wood stump to work on instead of puny one inch thick balsa wood! It’s just too funny. Tempting as it may be, I shot down the offer because this would then make the whole living room become a woodwork workshop.

And out of the blue, I feel I need a mallet to complement the new tools. I even picked one up over the weekend when we were at the hardware store but hubby told me that there’s an existing mallet in the office already and I should just bring that home.

Well, we’ll see how my usage of the new tools will be. But I need a bigger piece of wood…

More Tools

20 Oct

I’ve come to conclusion that it takes more than the carving tools to make the end piece look good. The filing or the sanding down of the surface to smoothen it is the essence as much as what the shape is.

My more recent Citizens of Gigglesville do really look good with all this attention to details – the curves, the crevices and of course, the surface.

Last week, the online shopper in me struck again! I couldn’t resist and went into the Lazada site again to purchase two different types of diamond filing sets! I await their arrival.

Newbie Emerge

10 Oct

Carving has taken on a new challenge for me. Besides the latest superhero, SuperCute for Gigglesville, I carved up two Monuments, a three-tier and a two-tier totem pole and of course, more Citizens. I am up to Citizen #98.

And my M2 constantly challenges me with new quirky non-owl requests. Her latest request, a garden gnome! Remember the last time, it was an octopus?

It took me some time because I had to research and plan. Over the weekend, I finally did it!

A New Superhero

3 Oct

Meet SuperCute, Gigglesville’s newest superhero. I named it SuperCute because well, it is super cute. Just look at the face! How can one stay evil when faced with such a cute and adorable superhero? A smile would definitely break out.

Together with SuperOwl, SuperOink and Penguin Power (and led by Lord Bubba), they fight evil to bring laughter, love and tons of giggles to the world, much needed in our current times today.


Busy Days Ahead

22 Sep

It’s a blessing in disguise as today is yet another public holiday! There’s so much carving to do.

The last two balsa wood that I bought not too long ago are all carved up. So I need more and last weekend, I decided to buy four, double the usual two that I normally get.

Obviously there will be a boom in Gigglesville as one piece would yield 12 citizens; with four pieces, wow, busy days ahead for me! It’s just a matter of how much time I would take, not how many I can make.

And with the arrival of the new tools, busy days ahead indeed; the three day long weekend is most welcomed.

A Bargain

7 Aug

Thrift stores are the best. At a fixed flat price, you can find just about anything from these places. We have Daiso, the Japanese brand here and I must say, it’s one of our favorite haunts.

Every now and then whenever we go to the mall, we must visit a Daiso store. And surely, we will find something useful and at a bargain. Last week, I found some ready-cut wood blocks (8 pieces in a bag) on the shelves and thought the size was perfect for carving. At half the price of my usual balsa wood but three pieces less than what a foot of balsa would yield, it’s a bargain.

Slightly bigger at 1.2 inch by 1.2 inch compared to my usual one inch by one inch balsa, I think I can manage although the label did not mention what type of wood these blocks were. I even discovered a set of diamond files, perfect for filing those crevices!

With the new materials (incidentally, I bought two more pieces of balsa from the art store) and new tools, Gigglesville is set for another boom in the coming days! Whee…..


The Pet of Gigglesville

24 Jul

In the thick of carving, I suggested to hubby that he should try his hands at this too instead of just fiddling with his air plants. So I gave him a tiny leftover piece of balsa to try.

He was keen but wasn’t sure he could do the owls, so he opted for something else and we ended up having a baby elephant!

Tiny little fella is now deemed the official pet of Gigglesville. Ain’t he cute?


Gigglesville is Booming

14 Jul

It must be a burst of energy or something because suddenly Gigglesville is booming! Or could it be that Citizen #30 migrated just two days ago and I have this need to replace the void. For every one departure, there should be at least two replacements.

Citizen #30 is the second one to leave the sanctuary, the first being Citizen #10 who now resides in Penang.

Gigglesville is shaping up well with a mayor, citizens and superheroes to protect them (especially from Evil Buster). Citizens even have passports issued for them if they are selected to leave to spread their giggles. Citizen #30 had its passport approved hence, its migration. This weekend another will leave… sniffle.

I have grown to be very attached to all my citizens but it is for spreading giggles and love that I am allowing them to migrate.


Citizen #10 (top) and Citizen #30 (bottom)

Citizen #30 with its passport

New Colors

4 Jul

Over the weekend I decided to buy two new colors to add to my acrylic color collection. I made this decision after holding out for so long because I thought I could mix the orange and purple consistently when I needed these colors to paint the citizens of Gigglesville.

But each time I mixed, I failed. The purple has come out in many shades unfortunately but luckily, the orange fared better and not so obvious. There seems to be no consistency in my mixing ability because I forget the ratio every time.

So to avoid this for future citizens, I thought best to get the two colors in tubes like the red, blue and green that I already have.

There’s at least four different shades of purple!

The orange less obvious in shades