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Minor Setback

17 May

So it’s Friday again. And time for the weekly weigh-in. How fast time flies. After some gains the first two days of this week, I stared at the numbers on the bathroom scale this morning. Hmm… a minor setback – that little reprieve on Wednesday.

While I may have burnt some calories playing golf, it was the meal after the game that lasted beyond 9.30pm that caused this setback. The dinner went past into the window that I’m not supposed to eat. Oh well… friends and making-merry was more important and I chose to do it.

I shouldn’t obsess too much over this because past record has shown that I have fluctuated on my track to shed some pounds. And sometimes it’s not the food I ate but the timing of when I ate that is beyond my control. I should be fine by next week.


The Birthday Escapade

29 Apr

Saturday was my big day – being Queen for the day on my birthday. Hubby decided to whisk me away on Friday for a birthday escapade. And what an escapade it was!

Our room overlooking the golf course, the mountain range and clouds

We went off to Awana Genting for an Alphabet Trip, usually reserved for our anniversary but this year, an Alphabet Trip was necessary because this year’s birthday is a big milestone celebration. After all, I can’t be Forever 38… gotta embrace it.


Had the golf course all to ourselves

We played two rounds of golf with both games finishing under four hours because there was hardly anybody else on the golf course. In fact, on Friday we had the golf course all to ourselves and we completed the game in three and a half hours!


Taking the cable car sure beats driving up the winding road and looking for parking

After the morning fun, that evening we took the cable car up to Genting to enjoy the place and the cool air. Dinner was simple but no alcohol (yet) because the newly opened The Laughing Fish have not gotten their liquor license. So we just drank Evian water, saving space in the tummy for the beer and stout later. We didn’t mind because there was no need to keep time, no agenda to be mindful of.


Famed for their Fish & Chips, we had to try

We explored Sky Avenue (16,980 steps on my MiBand 2 by the time we got back to the room) and even checked out the casino. I was boggled by all these gamblers throwing away money just like that at the Black Jack and Roulette tables. Stacks of chip laid out without hesitation, betting and hoping for Lady Luck to shine on them but gone in a blink of an eye. Jeez… many times mind you. Obviously I am not a gambler. We left as we couldn’t stand the cigarette smoke stench and it sticking to our clothes.

Gotta have my pint of Kronenbourg and hubby, his stout

The whole place was very happening with lots to eat, see and do. We ate (earlier) and drank to our hearts’ content—forget the 16/8 diet this weekend—and enjoyed the live band. They played songs I could sing to and it was very entertaining.

The cable car journey back to the hotel at Awana

The next day, another round of golf, another cable car ride after the game for another round of drinks and THE birthday dinner. Truly wonderful this birthday trip turned out as we did every alphabet on our list, A right through to G. Heheheh…

Cable car ride and pre-dinner drinks, a rum concoction

Nauseating just watching the spins from afar at Skytropolis

Spanish dinner with two bottles of red to celebrate, yes two


Post-birthday dinner: Spanish burger and squid ink pasta

A year wiser but definitely better with age. We returned home on Sunday morning after breakfast to hot and super hot weather, and another post-birthday dinner to cap off the birthday celebration.

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead and thank you friends and family for all your well wishes. A good start to life beyond Forever 38.

Being an Adult

7 Jan

The minute M1 turned 18 four years ago, we decided to give her a credit card and this marked another step towards being an adult. I remember when I received my first credit card from Dad, albeit a supplementary one, I felt so important and all grown up.

And it wasn’t just a credit card but an American Express charge card. Even more important I felt back then!

M2 will be turning 18 this year and obviously we will do the same for her soon. My goodness, they grow up too fast, my babies. Sniffle…

My Baby’s All Grown Up

2 Jul

Last Saturday my M2 turned 17! My goodness, where did time go? Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was still breast-feeding her? And here she is all grown up, 17 years old. Sniffle…

We celebrated with Mom with a simple dinner and the most awesome Lava Cake.

We are truly blessed that our youngest is turning out so sweet, sensible and responsible especially towards her obligations (education), following her sister’s footsteps. Although proud parents we are of her, she is still our little baby. Happiest happy birthday indeed, my all grown up baby. Love you to the moon and back!


The chocolate came oozing out like lava and it was oh so good!

Forever 38 Again

27 Apr

Birthdays are joyous occasions because friends and family will send you fuzzy warm birthday wishes on all social media platforms that you are active in, throw you nice dinners or gift you with surprises. Even the games you play will send you wishes, a gift and unlimited play for a week! It’s nice and truly appreciated.

However, birthdays are also annual reminders to us that we are getting older with each year going by so fast. I am a dinosaur, remember? Seriously, I think the clock needs to slow down!

But like every other year for the past several years, I am forever 38 especially in the eyes of my girls. Each year with my birthday approaching, M2 will playfully ask me, “How old are you, Mommy?”

And of course, the answer is Forever 38. Again.

Bottom line, age is just a number and I am very thankful for the life that I have, surrounded by family and friends, and showered with constant support and flowing love. With such strong pillars behind me, I am certainly ready to face the year ahead. And staying forever 38…

A call from M1 across the ocean melted my heart to begin the day, and Hubby and M2 will be treating me to a fancy dinner this evening. Looking forward to the lovely evening ahead!


Sweet Sixteen

30 Jun

Today my M2 turns 16. My goodness! My second born. Sweet 16. Where did time go all these years?

At a loss for words…

Happy birthday my M2, my mini me, my drama queen, my inspiration, my source of story-telling, my joy, my love. May you have a wonderful day and of course, wonderful years ahead as you grow up to be a sensible young adult.

Forever 38, 2015

28 Apr

I was aghast looking at the back of my crown in the mirror the night before my birthday. More white strands! Eeeeks… I cringed. My birthday was approaching and this is not something I wish for. M2 came into the bathroom and I told her.

She chuckled and said, “People get white hair when they get older, you get them when you get younger.”

I will be like, what? 39, I asked her.

No she said. I will be forever 38.


Beyond January and April

7 Apr


When I was young, I had only 4 important dates to remember: my birthday, mom’s, dad’s and my only elder sibling. Mom, Dad and me are April babies while my only sibling, January. It used to be then one celebration in January for him and a combined one for the three of us.

Fast forward to the present. Both my sibling and I are married and separately, each with a family of our own. I now have the hubby, M1 and M2’s birthdays, spread across the calendar. And him, with his wife and children, the calendar is filled with even more dates to remember. In the family, April by far has the most number of family members having their birthdays. And combined birthday celebrations are done occasionally (especially when the children were younger) but the bigger picture being several birthday dinners and cakes in the year beyond January and April.

This year, we decided to do the combined celebration for the April babies again although Dad is no longer with us. One half of the twins is back from college and the April month is back to its three person requirement.

So happy birthday mom, my niece and me!

Gimme the Gas!

30 Jun

As we celebrate M2’s 12th birthday today, memories of her birth suddenly comes flooding back. The excitement and anticipation are a blur but I recall throughout the pregnancy, I was coughing really bad. But the minute she popped out, the coughing stopped. Strange.

I also remember the pain being super unbearable, as if someone was chopping my lower back with a hatchet non-stop. And I remember the gas! The minute the nurse asked if I wanted it (as I opted not to take the epidural), I was like, “Gimme the gas NOW!”

The gas mask reminded me of M1’s birth; she arrived 11 days ahead of her EDD and both hubby and I were not in time to be up-to-date on our birthing process homework, rushing to the hospital right after the end of ‘The X-Files’.

Out of ignorance, he warned me not to use it and this resulted in me having so much pain, I cursed him all the way. This time around with M2, heck with it, I am inhaling, big time.

By the time the gynae came around, man, I was so high on the happy gas (pethidine), I was delirious! I kept counting my fingers, and proclaimed I was fine, which thankfully was a good thing for M2 came into our lives without a hitch.

Our babies may come into this world with so much pain but the joy they give us is priceless.

My Baby’s A Baby No More!

30 Jun

Today M2, my baby, officially turns 12 and is a baby no more. She reiterated the fact last night by stating, “Mummy, I now have to pay full price for everything!”

I know. My baby is all grown up.

(Tears swelling in my eyes)