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Farm Heroes No More

23 Jan

I have stopped playing Farm Heroes on my iPad, iPhone and the laptop. After such a long time at it, I find that I cannot go pass Level 1105, so no point in continuing the game. It was fun while it lasted.

As for my other games, I still do Candy Crush Soda (to collect the Daily Bonus) and Candy Crush Saga (on the office computer occasionally as it has been deleted from the iPad and iPhone) besides the two Monster Busters.

There does not seem to be a whole of appealing games offered these days, at least to me. Maybe it’s for the better as I can stay off my devices and go back to reading (which I did) and carving (which I will).


500 Days

4 Jan

I thought it’s significant that I reached Day 500 today on the iPad Mini for the Daily Bonus in Candy Crush Soda. Yep, 500, it’s crazy. It’s Day 299 on the iPhone5S.

I don’t know why I am still at it when I have sort of stopped playing. Actually I can’t go pass Level 1473. Sigh…

Still At It

28 Sep

I’m still at Candy Crush Soda after so long and it’s more to collect the daily rewards than crush any candies honestly. The continuity is ridiculous – close to 400 consecutive days on the iPad and 200 days on the iPhone. Sometimes I don’t even play the game!

As for Candy Crush Saga itself, the game is only played on the laptop or desktop if I have time. Will I ever give up?


Giving Up

3 Aug

I finally decided to ‘give up’ two more games on my iPad, deleting them several nights ago. Remember Candy Crush Saga was canned awhile back?

It’s not a total give up but a technical one because I still play these games in Facebook on the laptop (at home) or desktop (in the office). My iPad has been so slow, rendering it almost useless, it’s aggravating.

I don’t have pictures and music on the iPad, so I suspect it’s the games’ data accumulated when I play them and it hordes the space on the device thus slowing it down. With the RAM dropping down to 200MB or thereabouts most times, what can I do? I can’t even read anything on Safari, let alone crush some candies!

So I canned both the Monster Busters apps. This is on top of clearing away other apps that I don’t use any longer. I even deleted the Facebook app!

On hindsight, maybe it’s a good thing to make me less dependent on my iPad as I find myself doing more meaningful things in my free time, like carving up a whole township of Gigglesville citizens!

Crazy Dedication

19 Jun

Sometimes games with daily rewards can make one to be obsessed and dedicated beyond reason. I am certainly guilty of this. While I have removed Candy Crush Saga from both my iPhone and iPad, I could not for Candy Crush Soda because of its daily rewards appeal. Unlike other apps that run this on a weekly basis, Soda’s rewards program goes on forever.

So for the last 300 and 100 days, I have been diligently going into the app on both my iPad and iPhone respectively to collect the daily rewards. If I miss a day, I have to start all over again and I just cannot bring myself to break this. Silly.

Sometimes I go in just for this and don’t even play the game! Crazy dedication is what it is.

On the iPhone, it’s Day 100

On the iPad, it’s Day 300!!!

Taking the Plunge

1 Jun

I finally decided to update the OS on my iPhone5S after the prompt to update to iOS10.3.2 came two days ago. 

Two reasons for taking this plunge after holding out for so long – I finally backed up my phone. I didn’t do this previously because of space issues on the laptop and compatibility problems with the old computer but now with a new computer in the office, I have synced my phone to it.

Second reason being, I would like to donwnload some new apps that I was unable to previously because the minimal requirement is iOS 8.0 and my phone’s still at iOS7.1.2! Yes, my phone’s such a dinosaur like me. 

Put it this way, I don’t have Uber on my phone and I think this app is far more important than Candy Crush, which I have deleted from my phone several months ago. Candy Crush Saga is now limited to the laptop only because it’s also gone from the iPad.

Thank goodness after the update, the phone did not have any major issues like my iPad Mini two years ago after its update. Phew! Although I have no regrets holding out for so long, I must admit it’s a timely decision because a lot of my go-to apps have updates. And possibly an older OS on the phone may not be compatible. Well, I don’t need to face this predicament from today onwards.

Giving Up

4 Apr

I am contemplating giving up Candy Crush Saga. After being so long at it reaching Level 2139 at this point, thoughts of giving up lately has crossed my mind.

It’s not so much I am tired of it but more of the fact that my iPad is so slow when the app launches, it makes playing not enjoyable anymore. But this doesn’t mean a total give up, I can still play the game on my new office computer which is able to support the app unlike the previous dinosaur model.

I am merely deleting the app from my iPad Mini and there’s always the laptop at home should I have an urge to have a go at it. I still play Candy Crush Soda though…

Stuck Again

6 Oct

I am at the tail end of my book project so there has been time to use my iPad. But I find the iPad so slow after the update to OS9! Even with the patch 9.02, it doesn’t help. Sigh…

On the game front, things are slow figuratively and literally. I am on a tag team mode to play because rescuing honey bears over bottle caps is not as easy as I thought. So upon finishing the five lives on the laptop, I move on to work on the farm and the other candy game before almost reluctantly reaching over for the iPad when all lives are used up.

For the record, I am stuck at Level 495 for Soda, stuck at Level 800 for Farm Heroes and stuck at Level 1198 for Saga. On a brighter note, I was crowned Miso Master for Snack Shack, the previous episode in Candy Crush.

A consolation, Miso Master

Fruitful Weekend

16 Feb

I feel as though I should give myself a pat on the shoulder for accomplishing quite a bit over the weekend. It wasn’t the big battle with the Chinese New Year crowd that I thought I’d have to do but my games!

The pat on the shoulder was for me finally crossing Level 185 of Candy Crush Soda, which was so difficult and also Level 821 of Candy Crush, which was even more difficult. I have been stuck at these two for sometime and perseverance finally paid off.

Honestly, I also managed to complete my Chinese New Year purchases without stressing too much. The secret? Online shopping! The bulk of the necessary was made easy with Tesco’s online services. With free delivery for this festive occasion, I totally took advantage of it and saved the hassle of going to the mall and fight with the last minute shoppers.

I am ready to usher in the Year of the Goat come Thursday.

Back to Reading, Part 2

30 Dec

With the frustration of being stuck at Level 751 for Candy Crush, maybe I should go back to reading to regain some sense of calm and rid myself of all these frustration and despair. To make matters worse, both levels of Farm Heroes and Candy Crush Saga that I am currently at are no piece of cake either! Hrmph… is all I can say.

So it is a good thing I have gotten the latest Nora Roberts’ title, Whiskey Beach – I shall immerse myself in this book to clear my mind as I don’t fancy ushering in the New Year with all these negative feelings.

Back to reading it shall be for me!