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So Annoying

22 Jul

Lately the iPad Mini has been acting up. It would quit unexpectedly especially in the midst of a Candy Crush Saga or Soda game, wasting a precious life. Aarghh… Why? So annoying.

I’ve had my iPad since November 2012, buying from a friend when we were in the US then and it has been working fine until the big OS update not too long ago. I noticed my device became unstable after that. I moved to OS9 from OS7, bypassing OS8. 

It crashed upon updating to OS9 and since then have failed me a few times. Currently it’s at OS9.3.2 and I feel it’s not any good. Could it be my iPad’s a first gen model and the latest OS only works better with newer models? 

I always suspect there is a conspiracy of sorts by the company to unleash updates that are not compatible with older models of their products, thus frustrating people like me to consider buying the newer models.

Sigh… I refuse to give in. For now.

And because of the crash (I lost everything on the iPad), I refuse to update my iPhone5S that is still on OS7.1.2 and it’s perfectly fine. 



20 Jun

Monster Busters Hexa Blast finally updated and I have progressed. Yay. Likewise for Candy Crush, at 1732 now after coming out tops (again) for the Piñata Park chapter. And for Monster Busters, currently at Level 512.

On a much brighter note, I crossed 887 for Farm Heroes. Finally. Double yay! But find myself stuck at 772 for Soda. Sigh…

Taking Forever

16 Jun

Monster Busters Hexa Blast is taking forever to update. I am sitting at Level 1175 and going in daily only to collect coins. The other games have progressed well. Monster Busters itself, I am now at Level 501.

For Candy Crush, I am now in Piñata Park at 1722 and even Soda, I finally managed the difficult 765, now at 770. But the same cannot be said for Farm Heroes. Sadly I am still stuck at 887. I don’t know when I will cross this level as it is also taking forever. Sigh…

It’s Been Good

7 Jun

The weather has changed. And this means lazy days ahead, doing nothing but being horizontal and poking away on my iPad to work on my virtual games. I must say it’s been good.

I was champ for the Taffy Treetops chapter of Candy Crush after several missed opportunities in the previous ones. I’ll take whatever comes my way. Now I am at Level 1695 and Level 765 for Soda.

Farm Heroes has also progressed, at 887 now. Hexa Blast has yet to update still, so I just go in to collect the daily coins and lastly, for Monster Busters, I have progressed to Level 464.

Yep. It’s been good.



26 May

Lately I find my iPad Mini (on OS 9.3.1) very unstable. In the midst of browsing on Facebook or in the thick of a candy game, it would quit the app unexpectedly and stay black for a while. Argh…

What was even more annoying was last night. I was at Level 750 of Candy Crush Soda and gleefully, I managed to pass the level only to have the iPad blacked out. Noooo….

The level that I passed was not captured. Argh…

Taking Forever

13 May

My virtual games have been taking forever to progress. Sidetracked by travel, golf and hard levels, I was at Level 875 for the longest time for Farm Heroes. Bordering on giving up, I finally crossed it when a window to progress came around. Phew. So a farmer I shall continue to be.

As for the candies, it’s slowly but surely. Currently, at Level 1643 for Candy Crush and Level 729 for Soda and somewhere up there for both Monster Busters, I’ve lost track. This weekend I won’t be attempting any of these because I am participating in my Club’s two-day golf Annual Championship under the Ladies category. Hoping there won’t be wonky weather to deal with.

Wish me all the best!

Giving Up

3 Mar

I have decided to give up Candy Crush Jelly and Blossom Blast because virtual games in general are taking up too much of my time and specifically I am hopeless at these two. I simply cannot go pass the levels that I am stuck at. Enough frustrations.

While Farm Heroes, Monster Blasters, Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda have taken up a lot of my time, playing another two games seems too much. Anyhow, the progress I have made thus far as evident by my last crown in Candy Crush’s Precious Pond makes up for the decision to stop the two.
Dropping the weak games will definitely free up some time for me to catch up with my reading and golf. And an occasional Piano Tiles session.

Remember I gave up being a Zookeeper awhile back? 


A New Game

18 Jan

Two Fridays ago, I discovered a new King.com game. The app icon appeared in the corner of Candy Crush while I was crushing candies as usual. So the sucker in me downloaded Candy Crush Jelly, another candy crushing game.

Unbelievable. Between all the candies, the farm animals, monsters, flowers and Piano Tiles, looks like I will be a very busy person! And I have also started reading.

I was indeed kept busy, crushing my way through all that candies and rescuing some farm animals and monsters too, besides being a recluse at home last week. For the record, I am at Level 1424 for Candy Crush, Level 591 for Soda, Level 854 for Farm Heroes, Level 825 for Monsters and a lowly 43 only for Candy Crush Jelly.

Overcoming Hard Levels

3 Dec

Sometimes when I am stuck at my games and cannot figure out how to go pass that level, especially the two candy games, I would go to YouTube to see what or how others have done to tackle the challenge. Recently, Candy Crush added a ‘Hard Level’ mention and Soda added a skull icon to levels that are really hard.

Maybe to preempt or remind one that it will be tough? In one way, it helps because I now know that it will be hard and I won’t feel so aggravated. Then again with the skull, it’s as if it’s telling you, you’re gonna die trying, bwahahaha!

Mean, isn’t it? When all attempts fail, either I YouTube for help or stay away from the games for a few days.

I was stuck for the longest time at Level 813 for Farm Heroes, Level 516 for Soda and Level 1242 for Saga but thanks to YouTube, I became unstuck and have progressed on. But now I find myself stuck again at Level 829 for Farm Heroes, Level for 563 for Soda and 1313 for Saga. Never-ending woes…


Never Play Offline

26 Oct

It was Friday and we were on our way home. The rain came down heavily and I was tired, having used quite a fair bit of my creative brain cells in the office. Hubby was driving so I whipped out my iPad for my usual dosage of my games during the unusual hour long journey home. Can’t live without them, you know… the games, not the traffic. I must admit I did play some virtual games in the office whilst being stumped for ideas.

Usually all the King.com games can be played offline so routinely, I did my usual three. Then I moved on to Monster Busters. Now this game cannot be played offline. It would prompt you to go on as guest because there’s no connection but I didn’t try. So I exited and left it as is, without further thoughts to it.

That evening, after a hearty dinner, it was time to unwind. I reached for my trusty iPad and launched Monster Busters.

To my horror, when the game launched, I was at Level 1! Oh my gawd. What happened?! I should be at Stage 595 but, no, I was right at the beginning. I freaked out a bit. Closed the app and relaunched. Same thing!

When I told M2, she asked if I was logged in to Facebook which I was not; this happened when I tried playing the game offline earlier in the car. Thank goodness after connecting to FB, I catapulted back up to Stage 595.

Phew and double phew! Moral of the story here, never try to play offline when they tell you so.