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Slowing Down

5 Dec

I’ve slowed down playing the two candy games on my iPad for two reasons lately. Firstly, it’s my iPad. Device just does not want to cooperate to launch both Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda, it’s annoying. Secondly, I am getting kinda tired by the games. 

So I just play them on the laptop whenever I am home or sometimes offline in the car. Maybe it’s for the better that they are no longer an obsession.


Feeling Detached 

21 Oct

My iPad Mini is failing me and I am feeling very detached from it. I simply cannot play my Candy Crush Soda on it for weeks and this frustrates me! Ugh. But the funny thing is, I can launch and play the game whenever I am in the car, on the way home, without any connection.

In fact, on Monday evening I did just that and managed to pass two levels during the journey home! So I concluded if I want to feel attached to my device again, I should just disconnect when I am at home or in the office, do the five lives and then reconnect again. Easy peasy and I don’t have to feel any frustration.

It’s Not Right

3 Oct

Ever since my iPad Mini updated to iOS9.3.5, everything has not been right. It has gotten so slow and unstable. And when apps get updated, it’s worse. I am having problems with my two virtual candy games – unstable upon launching and quits instantly, so can’t play. Hrmph. Strangely, the apps only work if I don’t connect to the wifi but this is such a hassle especially when I am home.

So over the weekend, I was down to only two devices to crush some candies – the MacBook Air and my iOS7.1.2 iPhone5S. Sigh…


25 Jul

King.com has a new game, Farm Heroes Super Saga and I am tempted. The last time they had a new game, Candy Crush Jelly, I tried it but later found it too time consuming, so I deleted the app.

As of now, I play five games only: Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda, Farm Heroes, Monster Busters and Monster Buster Hexa Blast and these are quite a handful already. Occasionally I still do Piano Tiles and Solitaire. With another Farm Heroes, it may be too much even though it is only one addition. Such difference a game can make.

I am tempted yet holding back.

So Annoying

22 Jul

Lately the iPad Mini has been acting up. It would quit unexpectedly especially in the midst of a Candy Crush Saga or Soda game, wasting a precious life. Aarghh… Why? So annoying.

I’ve had my iPad since November 2012, buying from a friend when we were in the US then and it has been working fine until the big OS update not too long ago. I noticed my device became unstable after that. I moved to OS9 from OS7, bypassing OS8. 

It crashed upon updating to OS9 and since then have failed me a few times. Currently it’s at OS9.3.2 and I feel it’s not any good. Could it be my iPad’s a first gen model and the latest OS only works better with newer models? 

I always suspect there is a conspiracy of sorts by the company to unleash updates that are not compatible with older models of their products, thus frustrating people like me to consider buying the newer models.

Sigh… I refuse to give in. For now.

And because of the crash (I lost everything on the iPad), I refuse to update my iPhone5S that is still on OS7.1.2 and it’s perfectly fine. 


20 Jun

Monster Busters Hexa Blast finally updated and I have progressed. Yay. Likewise for Candy Crush, at 1732 now after coming out tops (again) for the Piñata Park chapter. And for Monster Busters, currently at Level 512.

On a much brighter note, I crossed 887 for Farm Heroes. Finally. Double yay! But find myself stuck at 772 for Soda. Sigh…

Taking Forever

16 Jun

Monster Busters Hexa Blast is taking forever to update. I am sitting at Level 1175 and going in daily only to collect coins. The other games have progressed well. Monster Busters itself, I am now at Level 501.

For Candy Crush, I am now in Piñata Park at 1722 and even Soda, I finally managed the difficult 765, now at 770. But the same cannot be said for Farm Heroes. Sadly I am still stuck at 887. I don’t know when I will cross this level as it is also taking forever. Sigh…

It’s Been Good

7 Jun

The weather has changed. And this means lazy days ahead, doing nothing but being horizontal and poking away on my iPad to work on my virtual games. I must say it’s been good.

I was champ for the Taffy Treetops chapter of Candy Crush after several missed opportunities in the previous ones. I’ll take whatever comes my way. Now I am at Level 1695 and Level 765 for Soda.

Farm Heroes has also progressed, at 887 now. Hexa Blast has yet to update still, so I just go in to collect the daily coins and lastly, for Monster Busters, I have progressed to Level 464.

Yep. It’s been good.



26 May

Lately I find my iPad Mini (on OS 9.3.1) very unstable. In the midst of browsing on Facebook or in the thick of a candy game, it would quit the app unexpectedly and stay black for a while. Argh…

What was even more annoying was last night. I was at Level 750 of Candy Crush Soda and gleefully, I managed to pass the level only to have the iPad blacked out. Noooo….

The level that I passed was not captured. Argh…

Taking Forever

13 May

My virtual games have been taking forever to progress. Sidetracked by travel, golf and hard levels, I was at Level 875 for the longest time for Farm Heroes. Bordering on giving up, I finally crossed it when a window to progress came around. Phew. So a farmer I shall continue to be.

As for the candies, it’s slowly but surely. Currently, at Level 1643 for Candy Crush and Level 729 for Soda and somewhere up there for both Monster Busters, I’ve lost track. This weekend I won’t be attempting any of these because I am participating in my Club’s two-day golf Annual Championship under the Ladies category. Hoping there won’t be wonky weather to deal with.

Wish me all the best!