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More Tools

20 Oct

I’ve come to conclusion that it takes more than the carving tools to make the end piece look good. The filing or the sanding down of the surface to smoothen it is the essence as much as what the shape is.

My more recent Citizens of Gigglesville do really look good with all this attention to details – the curves, the crevices and of course, the surface.

Last week, the online shopper in me struck again! I couldn’t resist and went into the Lazada site again to purchase two different types of diamond filing sets! I await their arrival.


Mass Migration

17 Oct

Last week, there was a constant migration of Citizens, mass migration if you may. It started on Wednesday with five Citizens leaving Gigglesville in one go! Then the next day, another one and by Saturday, two more left. I guess this is good because they are on a mission to spread giggles and love.

So far, the migration count is about 21 per cent from the population count. But as each one leaves, I carve up more. Although eight Citizens left last week, I added another seven, so the township will never dip in its population count.

This week, two citizens are approved to migrate.

What a Milestone!

16 Oct

I never thought this day would come but last Friday I achieved the milestone for carving the 100th Citizen of Gigglesville!

All because of a sports injury, my unexpected interest in carving has spawned off such a tremendous and almost addictive hobby to create on a daily basis.

With three Monuments, a team of Superheroes complete with a nemesis, a mayor and the ‘O’Mobile, a pet (courtesy of hubby’s effort), a gnome, Wanderlust Owl and Lab Owl, the Citizens have grown at an amazing speed.

Most surprising has been my ability and patience to do this on top the challenges I face especially when coming up with a new species. My carving skills have improved tremendously with each one done up.

I reflect back to July last year – the first Monument and the first few Citizens with the efforts this year… wow. Such progress! And with more tools and more paints acquired, it’s a good thing going. Honestly, I really enjoy this because it is rather therapeutic.

So, a toast to many more Citizens of Gigglesville to come and to all recipients of the migrated Citizens spreading their love and giggles, it makes me very happy that you joyfully welcome them with open arms.

Citizen #100 is a giant

Newbie Emerge, Part 2

12 Oct

Unlike M2, who requested for an Octopus and a garden gnome, I decided to carve an owl, a special one though, for M1 and we Skyped on the idea several weeks ago. Finally, it was decided it should have something to do with what she is pursuing, which is Food Science at university.

Since she’s pretty much into research, the new character called Lab Owl has a lab coat. Don’t you agree that this little Citizen looks adorable and smart?

Newbie Emerge

10 Oct

Carving has taken on a new challenge for me. Besides the latest superhero, SuperCute for Gigglesville, I carved up two Monuments, a three-tier and a two-tier totem pole and of course, more Citizens. I am up to Citizen #98.

And my M2 constantly challenges me with new quirky non-owl requests. Her latest request, a garden gnome! Remember the last time, it was an octopus?

It took me some time because I had to research and plan. Over the weekend, I finally did it!

A New Superhero

3 Oct

Meet SuperCute, Gigglesville’s newest superhero. I named it SuperCute because well, it is super cute. Just look at the face! How can one stay evil when faced with such a cute and adorable superhero? A smile would definitely break out.

Together with SuperOwl, SuperOink and Penguin Power (and led by Lord Bubba), they fight evil to bring laughter, love and tons of giggles to the world, much needed in our current times today.


Homes for Citizens of Gigglesville

26 Sep

Hubby was at a Plants & Garden Exhibition two weekends ago and he bought these little homes for me. How sweet. He said the minute he saw them, he felt that they would make nice homes for the Citizens of Gigglesville despite their being gnome-sized.

I think they are rather cute and see them as the basis to draw up my township’s master plan. I just need to put in all on paper. And when it’s shaped up nicely, I am thinking more of a painting for a backdrop. If the mood hits, I may even carve up a little home or two for my precious Citizens of Gigglesville.


Five, Seven or More?

25 Sep

So we had another long three-day weekend and as planned, I carved. This began on Thursday night itself with the creation of Citizen #86. Then on Friday, I was on a roll, three more Citizens came about!

By Saturday, I was so pumped up, I did a totem pole of three Citizens, honouring three species. I called this the Landmark of Gigglesville.

But now, I am in a fix. Does it count one or three, after all it has three Citizens one on top of another. With four done up on Thursday and Friday, how does this add to the count?

Hubby said it should be a Monument because it aptly commemorates the birth of Gigglesville, and I ought to serialize it too. Having said that, the Superheroes, the ‘O’ Mobile, the Mayor, Wanderlust Owl, the pets and E.B. (Evil Buster) were not serialized like the normal Citizens, they have names instead. And this whole lot adds up another ten to the tally!

Prior to the Monument, a new Superhero was also created plus a new Adventure owl several days ago but both are still work in progress. So in essence chronologically, I have actually surpassed the 100th mark; the Monument being the 103rd piece of Gigglesville because the first totem pole that started this all must be counted as well.

WOW. It’s certainly not five or seven but more!

Work in progress for these two

The towering Monument of Gigglesville

Busy Days Ahead

22 Sep

It’s a blessing in disguise as today is yet another public holiday! There’s so much carving to do.

The last two balsa wood that I bought not too long ago are all carved up. So I need more and last weekend, I decided to buy four, double the usual two that I normally get.

Obviously there will be a boom in Gigglesville as one piece would yield 12 citizens; with four pieces, wow, busy days ahead for me! It’s just a matter of how much time I would take, not how many I can make.

And with the arrival of the new tools, busy days ahead indeed; the three day long weekend is most welcomed.

Online Shopping, Part 2

21 Sep

After waiting patiently for 11 days, my set of carving tools from Lazada finally arrived yesterday! Yay.

Carving from now on will be so much more fun.