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24 Jul
The Cereal Sea champ!

The Cereal Sea champ!

It’s been more than a week since Candy Crush last updated for the iPad. And on Facebook, the new chapter finally opened today with Taffy Tropics and I have progressed on without any need for tickets from my fellow candy crushers.

Prior to this, I had been playing Cereal Sea to get more stars. Desperation to crush some candies? I think so… But it’s been good for I have emerged as the champion in Cereal Sea. So not so desperado after all because efforts have been rewarded. And now that the new chapter has opened up, it’s business as usual!

So I Worked

11 Jul
At the end of Cereal Sea

At the end of Cereal Sea

It was down to business. At the office, I started brainstorming on the design of a new hard cover book project, overlooked the layout of a quarterly newsletter and enlightened the new intern on Pantone colors and grid systems, on top of replying emails and doing some administrative work. In between when time permitted, my virtual work had me winning my 3000th battle in Zookeeper Battle.

When I got home, the virtual work continued. I finally passed Level 372 in Farm Heroes – a level which I was stuck at for quite sometime. I even reached Level 620 and completed Cereal Sea in Facebook on the laptop, the forty-second episode of Candy Crush. Since this episode is the latest release, it will be awhile before the next episode comes along. What this means is more waiting in hand for me as far as Candy Crush is concerned. The recent iPad update was until Wafer Windmill, which is the chapter before Cereal Sea.

So yes, I had work and I worked; it’s been fruitful.