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Globe Trotting on Hold

5 Dec


Last week up, the project ran until letter ‘G’ and the work by both girls turned out quite good I must say. Colorful, informative and interesting, I think they learnt a few new things and so did us adults.


Chile from the eyes of M2


Denmark by M2


Spot the failed lion by M2


M1’s find


More from M1


M1’s Finland find




But sensing some reluctance and procrastination along the way, I changed the rules to keep the interest intact. They can have illustrations to accompany the words and way much easier; I believe variations is the only way to keep them busy during the school holidays.

So this week, the alphabets continue but, instead of a country, it is 30 words (for M2) and 50 words (for M1) to search in relation to the alphabet. Both were wide-eyed at the numbers assigned and there were some bargaining to reduce it. We shall see…

With ‘H, I, J, K and L’ lined up, I look forward to learning some new words and seeing some interesting drawings.

So Far So Good

25 Nov

M1 did the Bahamas

The globe trotting project proved to be a hit! We decided that it should be in alphabetical order to make things easier; they just have to choose a country each. The second presentation was with more enthusiasm and even us adults learnt a few new things on the two countries, Bahamas and Belgium.


Bahamas: a quick glance, thanks to M1


M2’s contribution on Belgium

Sunday night, I reminded them on the project for the coming weekday and without hesitation, both girls discussed with much interest on the countries they’d like to do. Countries were rattled off… Chile, Canada, Cuba, Djibouti, Denmark, Egypt and until letter ‘N’!! Wow. In my mind, I was thinking, if the project was just 5-days for the weekday (resting on the weekends), this week, we would just end at letter ‘G’ but they went on and beyond that.

Never thought that this could be so engaging for them. Yes, I am pleased.