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A Comparison

3 Dec

I must say I’m very impressed with M2’s illustration skills. For someone who did not have any formal training or art lessons prior to being accepted for the Honors design program (yes Honors, you read that right), she’s really good. I’m so glad we discovered her potential and nudged her in the right direction. Now she’s able to flourish.

I was curious as to how I would fare in comparison to her skills. So I attempted the same composition after she sent over the picture that she used for reference for this assignment.


Same same but different

I guess I have a more sketchy approach because I don’t have the patience for details. Having worked for so long, I am used to conceptualizing my ideas in rough sketches or thumbnails which I will then brief my team. And they are the ones who will execute with details.

While my attempt was using pencil and hers was ink, and both pieces on paper, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to art. It’s a showcase of one’s talents and I sure am proud of my M2’s talents.

A Delightful Discovery

13 Sep

It was a typical morning getting ready to leave the house for the office. Sometimes, we would do a quick spot check for caterpillars on the lime tree closest to the car at the front of the house. On this particular morning, we discovered a beauty hiding between the branches!

My my… looking rather alien but not spooked, the moth did not even budged when we took turns to take its picture up close. Later, when we got to the office, hubby googled it up to learn that it was an Oleander Hawk Moth. What a delightul discovery!

This species is rather large, sleek and thrives in warm climates. And it loves to hide within lush green foliage which I don’t think our lime tree is that lush though. But I am not complaining for we had the chance to admire a full grown beautiful moth instead of just caterpillars all the time.



On Track, Part 2

15 Mar

I thought I was going with one ten-pounder at gym on Monday but instead my trainer pushed me to use both the ten pound weights for most of the routines. Dang. That night I thought I would suffer and would continue to suffer for the next two days like always. Amazingly, this did not happen.


The upper body did not ache to high heaven at all. I held up okay but it did take some effort to walk up six flights of stairs the next day at work when the elevator was not working. I could feel the acidic burn on the thighs and butt. Double dang.

But it’s all for a good cause. After all, no pain no gain, right? There’s a good feeling because it was an achievement, being able to handle both the manly weights.

Only certain routines I went back to my four pound weights and they felt so puny and light. Peanuts… hahaha.

Oh… and my weight? As of today, it’s 0.4lbs up from last Friday’s weigh-in and I suspect this slight increment is due to the three orange cookies I ate after dinner during the window to eat. They were calling out to me and I couldn’t resist. It’s okay, a little indulgence won’t derail me, I am still on track.

A Hiccup on the Challenge

8 Mar

It’s unfortunate that my challenge mission was interrupted on Monday. A minor hiccup because work was on a tight deadline. And as much as I wanted to do gym to rid myself more of the guilt than anything else, we couldn’t finish the artwork and get home on time. Oh well…

But I don’t feel so bad because this whole week, I made super healthy lunches for the both of us. Lots of greens, bell pepper, baby tomatoes and chick peas (and tuna was added for two days subsequently). The salad lunch was oil-free, fibre-loaded and enough to fuel us until dinner time.

It may be only a few days but I do feel better and not so heavy. I am sure if I keep at this for another week or so, coupled with gym and golf, I will shed (the pounds) effortlessly. A positive sign and on track on my challenge to lose the extra weight piled on me by the bathroom scale.

900 Days

8 Feb

In the midst of celebrating and enjoying Chinese New Year, I was obsessing to achieve my milestone for Candy Crush Soda! The last four days, without fail I synced my iPad Mini to my iPhone5S, using the Personal Hotspot setting for connection to get the Daily Bonus. If this isn’t being obsessive, I don’t know what is.


Today I hit Day 900! I am trying to convince myself once I hit the thousand mark, I will stop. I think.

I don’t know…

Yesterday our journey home took six hours, which was not too bad considering I was prepared for a ten-hour drive, unsure of the traffic condition before we started. After three hours on the road, there was a stretch that took longer than necessary but thankfully, the drive home was quite stress-free.

We packed lunch to eat in the car so we don’t have to stop and only did one stop for a toilet break.


You see nothing but paddy fields in the first stretch of the journey

After a good night’s rest, we are back to work today, otherwise the holiday long break is too long and work will pile up come Monday. Better to clear some now and so that the weekend is more enjoyable with gastronomic gatherings with friends and family. And of course, continue on with the next pursuit for the 1000 Days milestone.

Another Use for the T-square

28 Jan

I have three T-squares from my college days sitting in the office. Why three? They are of different lengths – an 18”, a 30” and a 36”, all necessary for different usage. During the dinosaur era, a T-square was the go-to tool to use for cutting mounting boards for artwork presentation to the professors and subsequently to clients.

These days, artwork presentations are hardly physical as we present our work to clients with PDF files projected onto the big white board of a meeting room from the laptop. So my T-squares ceased to see action and remain a relic.

But of late, I found a use for them especially the three-footer. It’s almost gross but practical.

We have baby roaches in the office and these varmints are gross. Who likes them whether they are big or small? Every now and then, one would be crawling on the wall. Ugh. And as the office is an enclosed environment, I don’t fancy spraying them with the Baygon Cockroach Control aerosol due to the smell. So I use my T-square!

Whenever I spot a roach on the wall and usually out of my reach, out comes the T-square to ‘catch’ them. I’d stick two pieces of cellotape onto one end and holding on the T-end of the ruler, the reach is just perfect to tape those varmints down.

Once they get stuck, it’s instant death as I’d fold the tape over to prevent an escape. It sounds cruel but better a quick death than a slow agonizing one. Also, it’s cleaner this way. Imagine if I had to smack the roach and stain the walls? Ugh. My T-squares are not so useless after all in this age.


It may be tiny (see top right picture) but still a varmint and not sparing it any dignity!

Serious Music

26 Jan

Yesterday I decided to bring my ‘boom box’ from home to the office to use as it is hardly used at home and just collecting dust. At the office, I must have music in the background for creative purposes. I feel the brain does not function well enough in an all too quiet environment. And I don’t like the radio because DJs in general talk too much regardless of the station.

The Altec Lansing inMotion dock speaker, although old and only works with 30-pin devices, will give my first iPod Mini another lease on its (the iPod’s) life after I retired it from use in the car last year.

It became a nuisance for the many cables required — an aux-in and a power supply, to hook up and it cluttered the gear area. These days, for my music in my current car, I use a pen drive which is hidden out of sight and not a nuisance at all. No cables necessary and everything is controlled within the steering wheel or the iDrive. This then renders the iPod even more obsolete.

So now with the speaker set in the office (all the Spongebobs, the single Patrick and the M&Ms dispenser had to make way for it but not the main gum ball machine), the iPod will have another chance with its 932 songs (it’s an 8Gb capacity) to stimulate me. I foresee creative juices will be in overdrive!


Aggravation! Aarrghhh…

7 Nov

Last week, the internet at the office was down for a good half of the work week. It was most aggravating as we could not work at all. Nowadays work is so dependent upon connectivity and when the connection is down, we find ourselves on edge.

Important emails could not be sent out or received was the bane of the situation. Forget social media updates or glancing at headline news which could not be accessed from the desktop computer anyway. The stress was most unbearable especially with deadlines looming over the head.

To make matters worse, WhatsApp was also hit apparently and for a couple of hours, we were totally disconnected! I felt as if a limb was cut off.

The internet was finally fixed on Saturday and yesterday morning everything was okay until after two o’clock. The connectivity was down again! Aarrghhh.…

So I find myself unable to work again and there’s nothing we could do except to report the breakdown and wait it out. Aggravation indeed. Aarrghhh.

One of Mine

7 Mar

I love this painting that I did many years ago. Sometimes I see clouds above the mountains, other times it’s the ocean and the horizon. It gives a sense of calmness regardless of what I make it out to be whenever I look at it.

I took a painting class in summer during college and it was rather enjoyable. Like every other student, I started off using sable brushes but somehow I never did master this tool. Instead I prefer the palette knife.

Naturally, this two feet by four feet oil piece was completed using just the palette knife and no brushes at all. And it used to hang behind my sitting space at the old office. I hope to have it up at the new office in my room soon, one of the few places that can have big paintings up.


Not Enough Walls

2 Mar

Not everyone likes walls because walls restrict and make a place feels confined. But having walls in an office is different. We don’t have enough walls in the new office to hang up our art pieces because the place is smaller with lesser walls.

Unlike world events of having THE controversial wall, our ‘problem’ is an insufficient amount of solid walls to display the big paintings. The room partitions are not strong enough to bear the weights of these pieces, so we have to be selective to see which ones get to be put up.

All these years at the old office, there was ample wall space and I guess we took it for granted. Sigh…

That’s my Karel Appel. Nice?