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Munch Pot 2.0

12 Mar

Our garden is just a wonderful place for the creatures that come visiting. Birds, treating our place as their private kitchen, come daily to feast on the bird seeds put out for them. There’s also squirrels that bound through the hedges happily like their little playground. One of the squirrel, a rascal, will eat official pet number one’s leftover dog food or boldly come into the house and help itself to bananas (if we have this) on the kitchen counter.


The garden thrives because hubby has the green fingers, not me. I hardly venture out because I stay indoors in my little area to do my carving. Even if I do go out, it’s more at the terrace to do mostly sawing, hammering, cutting or drilling, never beyond the tiled boundary for gardening. So it was a bit of a surprise when I discovered the habanero plant has grown as tall as me! And the chillis are plentiful. I have shared so much of our harvest with friends and family.

The thriving garden also had us discovering a new caterpillar! This time on the Calamansi Lime tree at the side. I wouldn’t have known if hubby didn’t tell me. You could say it’s Munch Pot 2.0.


This time I decided to take its measurement with a ruler to keep track of its growth. As of now, it’s 2cm long. I hope this little fella will grow well and won’t disappear mysteriously like Munch Pot who used to be at the Calamansi Lime tree in front of the house.

Again and Again

24 Oct

The birds finally came. And they continued to come over the weekend as long as the food was replenished. But they also fought, almost territorial behavior. There was even one who perched on the pole of the little birdhouse and checked out the inside as if contemplating moving in. Nice!

This morning the boisterous chirping greeted me when I came downstairs. And I was pleasantly surprised with the sight – nine little birds, sitting on the wall. I wasn’t quick enough to capture them on my iPhone.

Suddenly along came a busybody of a squirrel who decided to scurry over to see what the fuss was about. Now this squirrel is not the one whom I call Sammy. Sammy hangs out near at the kitchen side of the house and comes around when Rooney does not finish his food, which is often. Sammy is fine with leftover senior citizen food. This other squirrel is new.

It hopped from the frangipani tree onto the wall, causing the birds to fly off, did a quick sniff at the seeds and just as quickly left. Now if it comes around more often, I may have to give it a name too. We shall see…

One little brave birdie stood firm

Senior Citizen Food

5 Sep

We were at a pet shop over the weekend to buy official pet number one’s food Proplan but there was no stock. We then had to make a decision to buy something else or go back to our regular store when something caught our eye.

The Eukanuba package listed Senior Adult with ingredients suitable for dogs seven years and older. I did a quick mental arithmetic and came to realize our poochie, Rooney will be nine this year! 

Oh my gawd… Nine years old. And since he qualifies age-wise (I am not sure about the behavior though), we bought the package.

But he doesn’t like the new senior citizen food! Maybe it’s tasteless or unappetizing. For two meals he did not finish his meal. So we still have to go buy his usual Proplan diet. And probably mix up the two brands to mask the taste. Otherwise, what do we do with the senior citizen food?