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Finding a Balance

15 May

It used to be when we went out for dinner on Saturday nights, it was easy to order our food once we decide what to dine on. When M1 was still around, with the four of us, we had the numbers to eat what we fancied. Choice was only the challenge rather than portions.

Now that M1 has gone off to university, it has become difficult for the three of us as far as portions are concerned. We are small eaters and it becomes a big challenge especially if we decide on Western cuisine. Two mains and two appetizers are definitely too much, what more three mains? But one main and two appetizers are not enough! How do we deal with this?

We are still trying to figure it out.


There’s Not Enough Time

8 Dec

We have been in Bangkok only four days and it feels like forever yet not enough time. There’s still so much to see, to do and to eat. Tomorrow we leave with memories, bagful of goodies and sore legs!

This holiday with the girls is definitely one to cherish for we may not have this quality family time again once M1 goes to college. Family time aside, both hubby and I will definitely be back to this wonderful city again, for the food, some shopping and golf.


It’s Been Good

29 Jul

Hubby and I are not working the last two days because of the public holidays. We have had a long four day weekend and the girls have a week off from school this week. Unlike in previous years where we’d take the opportunity to go away, this time, we decided not to go anywhere and just enjoy the city. So far, we’ve been having fun, doing simple things together – going to the movies, eating different kinds of food, shopping, sleeping and just being carefree.

We also managed to do separate things – hubby and I golfed with friends, M1 visiting and hanging out with her friends and M2 catching up with her TV shows. Bottom line, everyone is happy.

Today, we take a short road trip to a fishing village just to eat some seafood. Awesome meal awaits us. Then we come home to sleep it off so that tonight, we dine with my sibling and his family.

Let’s Eat Something Nice!

29 Nov

Saturday nights are our eat-out nights and it is always a challenge to find something nice to eat. This has become our pattern ever since the extra music classes and busy Saturday chauffeuring duties ended several months ago. And now that the school holidays have started, it is a must to eat out.

“Let’s eat something nice!” M2 enthused.

“Have we ever been to a place that serves food that’s not nice?” Hubby asked.

“Have you ever seen places advertising that they don’t use the freshest products?” He went on.

Put it this way, well, most of our gastronomic experiences have been nice. If it wasn’t, I’d think it’s personal. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

They Eat What We Eat

27 Sep

Children, from young, should be taught to eat what we eat. I am a big advocate for this. This works out well when the whole family travels or even just go out for meals. We have salads, they will have salads, we eat a burger, so do they, you get my drift?

No such thing as we eat a burger but the young ones have a specially brewed porridge in a hot flask. Maybe this is practiced when they are babies but not when they are older…

Both my girls enjoy food. While hubby and I are no major foodie connoisseurs, we do enjoy trying out new things every now and then. Both M1 and M2 takes pride in keeping pace with us.

I am proud to say when we did our “Great Adventure Road Trip to USA” last year, food was thoroughly enjoyed and no issues at all.


Our very first In-N-Out Burgers!