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Our Silly Pet

8 Aug

We have a new neighbor on our street and they have two Labradors. Several days ago, M2 overheard the owners, walking the dogs, calling out one of the dogs by its name, “Fishball” and she thought it was rather cute.

She then suggested that we should change official pet number one’s name from “Rooney” to “Beefball”, similar to the neighbor’s because it’s rather cute. After all, “Rooney” is such a boring name and we’re not even football fans!

Fast forward to a typical night at home…

After the usual after-dinner routine – coming out to the garden to play and having his snacks, it was time for Rooney to go back. So I called him by his actual name and he didn’t budge even with a snack bribe.

So I tried another tactic…

I called him “Beefball” and he moved! Walked right towards me. We sure have one silly pet who does not know his own name sometimes or most times!



6 Apr

Sammy the squirrel has been frequenting the wall and scrounging from the two trays left there. One morning, we put some leftover corn on the bigger tray, hoping it (or Lefty) would eat the corn instead but no. Sammy chose to eat bird seeds from the smaller tray. Why?

Sometimes even official pet number one, Rooney, would want some bird seeds besides his doggy treats. There must be something about the taste or flavor. Maybe I should try some to see what the appeal is.

Hmm… Food for thought.

See the yellow on the big tray? It’s corn

Cold Nights

2 Dec

You know winter of sorts is here when it rains daily and the air becomes chilly. Even for official pet number one, it’s cold. He would go into his little abode to sleep on the rug to keep warm instead of on the cold tiled floor.

He doesn’t usually do this, sleeping in the pad. His abode is usually his protest platform – going inside only whenever he feels like barking at us in protest over something. I think he feels that with the barriers protecting him, he can have his voice, err… bark heard. Very opinionated fella.

But with the weather changing, raining just about every day and night resulting in cold nights ahead, the pad now has another use.

Life of A Crustacean, Part 2

25 Nov

I think Silly Prawn became food because I can’t seem to find it in the aquarium. It must have become food because Luna was out from her cave two days’ ago and being silly, striking a pose of wanting to scale the aquarium height. Was Silly Prawn terrorizing her?

This morning, I spotted another silly prawn hoovering over an upside down one. Can’t be Silly Prawn, can it? And looks Silly Prawn II is in the making because Luna is back in her cave!

Between the crustaceans, visiting birds and official pet number one, life amidst them creatures sure is entertaining.


Spot the prawns!


Save me from Silly Prawn!


Happy Birthday My Senior Citizen Pet!

11 Nov

Today our Rooney turns nine. That’s 63 years old in dog years! Dang, he’s old. No wonder of late he has been behaving like a senior citizen.

He may be grumpy, annoying and demanding all the time but he is also silly, goofy and lovable. He breathes heavily, slobbers, snores and farts unabashedly, loves the color orange (any toy of this color will do for him) and enjoys fish-based treats, apples, peanut shells (yes, the shells) and even bird seeds. Quite the clown our official pet number one. Fish-based treats? Wait, is he a cat or a dog? Hahaha…

Nobody said having an English bulldog as a pet was easy for we have had our shares of difficulty with his skin problems, stubbornness and laziness. He doesn’t believe in exercise although he enjoys jumping at soap bubbles occasionally. On top of all these, he is also very OCD for a dog! We still have not resolved the washing machine drainage pipe issue.

But we love him regardless. Happy birthday Roo!


The ‘Kaepoh’

27 Oct

‘Kaepoh’ means busybody in the Hokkien dialect and official pet number one, Rooney is totally one. With the recent birdhouse set up in the garden, the ‘Kaepoh’ was sniffing at the base and the empty birdseed shells scattered on the ground yesterday evening. And when hubby was replenishing the birdseeds, he wanted to eat some!

Several nights ago, when the tortoises were given some juicy watermelon, the ‘Kaepoh’ wanted some too, barking in demand to be given a share as well. Sheesh…

Silly ‘Kaepoh’ of a senior citizen who cannot stand the fact that others eat and he does not. Maybe he should be labelled a glutton as well.

The Other Senior Citizen Pets

6 Oct

I confess… Rooney is not the only senior citizen pet that we have. In fact, there are two others, one which is much older than him and another, about the same age as him.

Unofficial pet number one is actually our green terrapin turtle. We have had Todd for the longest time. In fact, he is much older than M1 and M1 is 19 this year. And being a senior citizen, Todd also has his fair share of issues. Unlike Roo, his issues are health related. 

Several years ago when hubby and I were leaving for London on a business trip, Todd had floating issues and the girls, along with Grandma had to take him to the vet for a week for his daily jab. Fast forward to now, it looks like this problem has recurred.

Poor thing. When we put him in the community pond to chill with all the fishes in there, he just floats and cannot submerge. We will have to monitor his well being.

Then we have another senior citizen. Our regal Arowana. If memory serves me well, Miao-Miao came along before we adopted Roo. Miao-Miao? Another time for the story behind the name. He is one pretty fish. Thankfully, Miao-Miao does not have any issues also, only an occasional diet preference. Definitely nothing compared to the Roo.

Maybe these two are harder to interact with because of their need to be in the water, hence Rooney became official pet number one. Nonetheless, we love them all.

Sigh… Pets. What would our lives be without them?


Antics of a Senior Citizen Pet, Part 2

29 Sep

The OCD-ness in official pet number one has surfaced yet again! Two nights ago, we changed the drainage pipe of the washing machine and he totally lost it. Roo just cannot stand the sudden change because it’s something new and out of place.

As his little abode is just next to the washing machine, he can see it and irks him to no end. Hah! Such an OCD but annoying (for us) at the same time because he keeps barking at it. And it’s insufficient to just raise the pipe over the machine to be out of his reach because it’s still there and he can see it.

So what did we do? We had put the pipe away and instantly, there was peace until the next wash and the pipe has to be fixed back. A very inconvenient situation but I hope this is temporary until we find a permanent solution for we cannot allow him to be a Little Napoleon in total control of us. 

Antics of a Senior Citizen Pet

27 Sep

Rooney, our English bulldog, affectionately called ‘Roo’, was recently elevated to “Senior Citizen” on top of being official pet number one because of the food we recently bought for him. And with his recent change in status, we suddenly see a lot of the picky pot’s idiosyncrasies. It has always been there but now being a senior, it becomes more obvious and here’s some of it.

Idiosyncrasy #1: He does not like drinking water from his water bowl. With the weather sometimes so hot, I suspect water left in there tastes flat and warm. He prefers to drink off the tap, kind of like having draft beer, only this is water of course. And he makes it known (by barking obviously) he’s gotta have his draft water at every opportunity when we are home.

Idiosyncrasy #2: He cannot stand that once he’s done eating, his bowl is left there, unwashed. And he makes it known he’s gotta have his dish washed and put away. Like immediately. Now, this instant.

Idiosyncrasy #3: He insists on being escorted to and from the garden when clearly he can do it himself. Sometimes we feel it’s just plain silly, a brave bulldog needing someone to escort him in broad daylight and at night in semi-darkness for the short walk.

Idiosyncrasy #4:  He cannot stand the fact that when we eat, he does not. Every time when he’s out in the garden, he can see the dining table and there we are having our meal whilst he is just standing there, looking longingly. Half the time our meals, dinner especially are very hurried and hardly relaxing because of the constant noisy interruption.

Idiosyncrasy #5: He also cannot stand his poop left there for even two minutes after he’s done. Obviously he makes it known until we have to go clean it up.

Idiosyncrasy #6: We all sincerely believe that Roo has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). He just cannot stand it when something is not put right in its place. Irks him to no end and he makes it known insistently. I don’t know how many dogs are like him. If a towel fell on the floor or the kitchen mop is not put right, we will surely hear from him.

I wonder if there are any bulldogs out there like our Roo? Hmm…



Senior Citizen Food

5 Sep

We were at a pet shop over the weekend to buy official pet number one’s food Proplan but there was no stock. We then had to make a decision to buy something else or go back to our regular store when something caught our eye.

The Eukanuba package listed Senior Adult with ingredients suitable for dogs seven years and older. I did a quick mental arithmetic and came to realize our poochie, Rooney will be nine this year! 

Oh my gawd… Nine years old. And since he qualifies age-wise (I am not sure about the behavior though), we bought the package.

But he doesn’t like the new senior citizen food! Maybe it’s tasteless or unappetizing. For two meals he did not finish his meal. So we still have to go buy his usual Proplan diet. And probably mix up the two brands to mask the taste. Otherwise, what do we do with the senior citizen food?