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Pesky Intruder

12 Mar

Three weekends ago, we had a pesky intruder coming into the dry kitchen whilst official pet number one was away at the garden terrace. Normally when Rooney stays in the wet kitchen area, guarding the entrance to the dry kitchen, the squirrel would not venture close.

Hubby bought a bunch of bananas and it smelled so fragrant, the pesky intruder must have caught a whiff of it and daringly came in to help himself to the banana! The audacity of him.

And not once or twice it came but thrice and each time, I had to chase it out. Twice out the window and once out the door to the wet kitchen. I guess we can’t leave the door or windows open and unguarded especially when there’s fruits on the kitchen counter.


The Sploot

25 Jan

Rooney, official pet number one also known as Senior Citizen, has become one quirky fella. Signs of old age or asserting his number one status by doing things his way? Lately, he has taken to venturing through the house as a short cut to head to the garden. He would do this several trips in a day especially when we are home.

And most times, he would pause midway and just sploot on the marble floor, forgetting his original intention of the passage. This creates a mess in the living room because of his excessive shedding and drooling but he doesn’t understand; he would just chill if the desire to make it further does not appeal.

Typically the sploot is associated with Corgis, and our English Bulldog is no different; he just loves to sploot too. Maybe this position is comfortable for him as he has short legs too. I suspect he loves the coolness of the marble floor when he lays flat on his belly and his short hind legs stretches out behind him.

We have stopped getting upset about the mess because he is getting older, and being a Senior Citizen, we close an eye or two to the situation.


What a Year 2017 Has Been

29 Dec

2017 is coming to an end with two days left to go. This is my last entry for the year and my, my, what a year it has been for me!

There has been many significant changes to our lives in 2017, the biggest one being the relocation of our design studio. We moved closer to home and it’s a mere 5km away only. What a difference for us especially when it comes to time management and traffic jam-free driving which is really nice.

It may be smaller in size but it’s a lot more cosy and I certainly feel happier. Work-wise we have been fortunate to be kept busy. Let’s hope this momentum carries onward to the new year.

On the personal side, I have been plagued with injuries causing me to lose interest in playing golf. While it’s unfortunate I lost my passion for the game I enjoy, it spawned a new passion, carving. Gigglesville was born with a whole new township of owl Citizens and Superheroes. They have been lovingly hand-crafted with each day of me staying home to recover from the tennis elbow.

Hubby also picked up a new interest in air plants. The house is now full of these everywhere and it’s nice to look at them. M1 had a good year at university, and did her second internship which we feel the experience was invaluable. She has matured so much. M2 turned Sweet 16 and doing well in school too.

We had several crayfishes that lasted and didn’t. These creatures are not easy to care for! Some fishes died too due to old age. Senior citizen of the house, Rooney, also official pet number one, turned ten and for the first time showed signs of his seniority. And demanding more attention than ever.

The list can go on for what happened throughout the year! As I reflect back, there’s more good and memorable ones than anything else and I carry these in my heart forever. With 2017 almost done––sometimes too fast with the days going by, sometimes super slow––I look forward to the new year and eagerly await what lies ahead with a positive outlook.

I want to thank all my readers, people from all over the world, friends and family who have followed me to read my stories and thoughts. It’s a nice feeling and I hope you’d continue to read and enjoy the musings.

A toast to 2017, thank you for memories and another toast to 2018, let it be an exciting year with lots to write, grouse and muse about!

Our Silly Pet

8 Aug

We have a new neighbor on our street and they have two Labradors. Several days ago, M2 overheard the owners, walking the dogs, calling out one of the dogs by its name, “Fishball” and she thought it was rather cute.

She then suggested that we should change official pet number one’s name from “Rooney” to “Beefball”, similar to the neighbor’s because it’s rather cute. After all, “Rooney” is such a boring name and we’re not even football fans!

Fast forward to a typical night at home…

After the usual after-dinner routine – coming out to the garden to play and having his snacks, it was time for Rooney to go back. So I called him by his actual name and he didn’t budge even with a snack bribe.

So I tried another tactic…

I called him “Beefball” and he moved! Walked right towards me. We sure have one silly pet who does not know his own name sometimes or most times!


6 Apr

Sammy the squirrel has been frequenting the wall and scrounging from the two trays left there. One morning, we put some leftover corn on the bigger tray, hoping it (or Lefty) would eat the corn instead but no. Sammy chose to eat bird seeds from the smaller tray. Why?

Sometimes even official pet number one, Rooney, would want some bird seeds besides his doggy treats. There must be something about the taste or flavor. Maybe I should try some to see what the appeal is.

Hmm… Food for thought.

See the yellow on the big tray? It’s corn

Cold Nights

2 Dec

You know winter of sorts is here when it rains daily and the air becomes chilly. Even for official pet number one, it’s cold. He would go into his little abode to sleep on the rug to keep warm instead of on the cold tiled floor.

He doesn’t usually do this, sleeping in the pad. His abode is usually his protest platform – going inside only whenever he feels like barking at us in protest over something. I think he feels that with the barriers protecting him, he can have his voice, err… bark heard. Very opinionated fella.

But with the weather changing, raining just about every day and night resulting in cold nights ahead, the pad now has another use.

Life of A Crustacean, Part 2

25 Nov

I think Silly Prawn became food because I can’t seem to find it in the aquarium. It must have become food because Luna was out from her cave two days’ ago and being silly, striking a pose of wanting to scale the aquarium height. Was Silly Prawn terrorizing her?

This morning, I spotted another silly prawn hoovering over an upside down one. Can’t be Silly Prawn, can it? And looks Silly Prawn II is in the making because Luna is back in her cave!

Between the crustaceans, visiting birds and official pet number one, life amidst them creatures sure is entertaining.


Spot the prawns!


Save me from Silly Prawn!


Happy Birthday My Senior Citizen Pet!

11 Nov

Today our Rooney turns nine. That’s 63 years old in dog years! Dang, he’s old. No wonder of late he has been behaving like a senior citizen.

He may be grumpy, annoying and demanding all the time but he is also silly, goofy and lovable. He breathes heavily, slobbers, snores and farts unabashedly, loves the color orange (any toy of this color will do for him) and enjoys fish-based treats, apples, peanut shells (yes, the shells) and even bird seeds. Quite the clown our official pet number one. Fish-based treats? Wait, is he a cat or a dog? Hahaha…

Nobody said having an English bulldog as a pet was easy for we have had our shares of difficulty with his skin problems, stubbornness and laziness. He doesn’t believe in exercise although he enjoys jumping at soap bubbles occasionally. On top of all these, he is also very OCD for a dog! We still have not resolved the washing machine drainage pipe issue.

But we love him regardless. Happy birthday Roo!


The ‘Kaepoh’

27 Oct

‘Kaepoh’ means busybody in the Hokkien dialect and official pet number one, Rooney is totally one. With the recent birdhouse set up in the garden, the ‘Kaepoh’ was sniffing at the base and the empty birdseed shells scattered on the ground yesterday evening. And when hubby was replenishing the birdseeds, he wanted to eat some!

Several nights ago, when the tortoises were given some juicy watermelon, the ‘Kaepoh’ wanted some too, barking in demand to be given a share as well. Sheesh…

Silly ‘Kaepoh’ of a senior citizen who cannot stand the fact that others eat and he does not. Maybe he should be labelled a glutton as well.

The Other Senior Citizen Pets

6 Oct

I confess… Rooney is not the only senior citizen pet that we have. In fact, there are two others, one which is much older than him and another, about the same age as him.

Unofficial pet number one is actually our green terrapin turtle. We have had Todd for the longest time. In fact, he is much older than M1 and M1 is 19 this year. And being a senior citizen, Todd also has his fair share of issues. Unlike Roo, his issues are health related. 

Several years ago when hubby and I were leaving for London on a business trip, Todd had floating issues and the girls, along with Grandma had to take him to the vet for a week for his daily jab. Fast forward to now, it looks like this problem has recurred.

Poor thing. When we put him in the community pond to chill with all the fishes in there, he just floats and cannot submerge. We will have to monitor his well being.

Then we have another senior citizen. Our regal Arowana. If memory serves me well, Miao-Miao came along before we adopted Roo. Miao-Miao? Another time for the story behind the name. He is one pretty fish. Thankfully, Miao-Miao does not have any issues also, only an occasional diet preference. Definitely nothing compared to the Roo.

Maybe these two are harder to interact with because of their need to be in the water, hence Rooney became official pet number one. Nonetheless, we love them all.

Sigh… Pets. What would our lives be without them?