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Farm Heroes No More

23 Jan

I have stopped playing Farm Heroes on my iPad, iPhone and the laptop. After such a long time at it, I find that I cannot go pass Level 1105, so no point in continuing the game. It was fun while it lasted.

As for my other games, I still do Candy Crush Soda (to collect the Daily Bonus) and Candy Crush Saga (on the office computer occasionally as it has been deleted from the iPad and iPhone) besides the two Monster Busters.

There does not seem to be a whole of appealing games offered these days, at least to me. Maybe it’s for the better as I can stay off my devices and go back to reading (which I did) and carving (which I will).

Rancid the Raccoon Reeks!

22 Apr


Yes, Rancid the raccoon in Farm Heroes Saga reeks. It took me the longest thus far to overcome Level 173. Even with magic beans, I could not do it but patiently, with some strategizing and wit, I finally beat the nasty raccoon! Onwards I march in my farming quest.

They Must Have Heard Me

10 Apr


Right after I complained and wrote about the problems I was facing in Farm Heroes Saga, King.com came up with an update! Bwahahaha… They heard me or must have for this new version proves to be good and okay! I can launch the game and play without a hitch. Thank you!

Life as a farmer goes on.


Farm Under Seige!

8 Apr

Farm Heroes Saga had an update recently for the iPad and it’s crappy. Something is not right as my iPad Mini has become so unstable with this version, it keeps crashing. The situation has gotten worse from the initial launch and click of the level I am at before crashing to simply just crash upon launch. Eeesh. Annoying! I have not tended my farm on my iPad for two consecutive days already.

So yeah, my farm is under seige and King.com had better take note of this and fix it soon. Otherwise, the happy looking cropsies will not be happy with my absence from the farm. I could try to play in Facebook at the office, but I have to work too… sometimes.

Of Fruits, Animals and Candies

4 Apr

Candy Crush has finally updated on the iPad! What this means is I can alternate between my three games, Candy Crush, Farm Heroes and Zookeeper Battle on just one device and not fight with the girls for the laptop.

Farm Heroes was just so difficult at Level 157, I almost gave up but persistency and patience paid off. But having landed at 160 is not easy either. Sigh…

As for Candy Crush, this new chapter has new challenges. No tornadoes but candies on a rail track that moves with each move on top of time bombs! Am at Level 534 for a while now. I wonder if I should change my retired status for Candy Crush now that I am back in the race. Hmm…

And what can I say about Zookeeper Battle? I love the game!

Whoa! What a Move!

17 Mar

Saturday night proved to be fruitful. We came home late after having dinner and spending some quality time with my mother, my sibling and his family. Seated in front of the tv, I felt the urge to do something with my hands, I automatically reached for the laptop and before I realized it, Candy Crush was launched. Since I am still ‘stuck’ at Level 519, why not just try.

And what do you know? I crossed Level 519! As a result, I moved a level up. Feeling pumped with this unexpected progress, I shut down the laptop and went to get my iPad. Maybe tonight Lady Luck is with me, what with just happened on the laptop. Zookeeper Battle and Farm Heroes were neglected as I launched Candy Crush again.

So I started crushing candies at Level 500. This is where all my complicated and non-synching issues began – despite being able to play Level 530 (on the iPad), my avatar has been stuck at Level 500 but I appear at Level 519 in Facebook on the laptop.

It seems that after this latest update (last Friday), Level 500 is easier to play. And true enough! With Lady Luck on my side, I finally overcomed Level 500 and my avatar leap-frogged all the way to Level 530!!! Whoa, what a move!!! I feel elated.


Lookie where I am now!



Looking clear!

Oh… and Ice Cream Caves turned clear.

Level 500 was the key to solving all this non-synching issues and I finally did it. But another waiting period beckons as there are no new chapters to move forth. The game on both the laptop (in Facebook) and iPad are now in synch and me being at the rightful place on both devices but the wait for the saga continues.


A Ridiculous Quest

11 Mar

I have been kept busy lately with my three games – Candy Crush, Farm Heroes and Zookeeper Battle. In between, of course, there’s work at the office, golf and minding the children. Throw in my reading… busy indeed.

While I have been frustrated by Candy Crush and Farm Heroes, Zookeeper Battle makes up for the frustration and balances up the agony because it’s all about skills and speed to battle. Also it does not have pretentious cute animals that pull at your heart; they are simply either strong or weak, no deceiving characters.

But why am I still crushing candies eventhough I have declared I have retired? Well, it is only to ‘fix’ the problem in hand, appearing at Level 519 in Facebook on the laptop but being stagnant and sitting at Level 500 on the iPad yet playing at Level 530. Something is not synching right, so I have to right it.

While waiting for lives, I read or alternate between these three games and still mind the children. However, I find the latest quest (Level 129) in Farm Heroes ridiculous! How does one collect 90 water droplets, 90 carrots, 90 apples AND 90 sunshines in 9 moves? Forget them cropsies looking cute, this ridiculous quest is just unachievable.

I Feel So Nasty

10 Mar

It’s amazing what nastiness can lead to. Right after I spewed strong words of disdain for the darn rabbit in Farm Heroes Saga, I crossed Level 123! If I had known this can work, I should have vented earlier then I would not be subjected to such frustration the past few days, or weeks I should say.

But let’s see how long this lasts. Level 124 is no easy peasy quest too. I may feel frustration and resort to nastiness yet again. We shall see…

I Should Just Stop

5 Mar

It looks like I am never going to cross Candy Crush’s Level 500 on my iPad Mini. Between this frustration and the one of Farm Heroes, the annoying rabbit in Level 123, I have come to a conclusion on how to deal with Candy Crush especially.

Well, for starters, I can’t ‘hate’ candies like how I feel for the rabbit in Farm Heroes. I just simply shouldn’t play Candy Crush on my iPad anymore. But try as I may, the lure of the candies has me playing Level 519 in Facebook on the laptop instead. It’s a weird situation, Level 500 still on the iPad but Level 519 in Facebook on the laptop. Frankly, I should just stop.

Hate is a Very Strong Word

4 Mar

When the girls were young, I always taught them the proper usage and choice of words when voicing out their feelings. ‘Hate’ used to be a word in their vocabulary, without totally understanding its true meaning; therefore they were using it to express themselves freely and vocally like there’s no tomorrow on everything possible: “I hate this color!”, “I hate celery!”, “I hate this cartoon!” “I hate this” “I hate that” and so on.

I must admit I also use the word occasionally then. But the choice is really too strong and can be misinterpreted when hurled so freely without care for the feelings of others; so over time, we learnt to correct ourselves and use an alternative that is less strong yet gets the message across.

But lately, I find myself thinking and on the verge of uttering this word when it comes to playing my Farm Heroes Saga. Not giving any consideration whatsoever to the feelings of the annoying rabbit, murderous thoughts cross my mind often, short of throwing my iPad on the floor! Oh my God, I tell you… that aggravating rabbit in Level 123! Ugh. What can I say?

I *blip* the darn rabbit.