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Where Did Time Go?

31 Oct

It’s a significant milestone today not because it is Halloween but my firstborn, M1, has graduated from high school. Where did 17 years go?

It seemed like only yesterday when I was waddling like a penguin and pregnant with her, dizzily happy that our little family was about to grow. Wasn’t it just two days ago, when my heart cracked a little as we sent her off to kindergarten, teary-eyed and frightened yet putting up a brave face? And when M2 came along, the labor pain was all worth it.

Gosh, although living through 17 years may be a long time but looking back and reliving it is not. The journey has had its fair share of ups and downs, from dealing with a demanding baby to boisterous toddler and defiant teenager to matured young adult, you name it, we went through it.

To many more years to come, M1, I love you.

Okay I think I’m gonna bawl…