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Our Silly Pet

8 Aug

We have a new neighbor on our street and they have two Labradors. Several days ago, M2 overheard the owners, walking the dogs, calling out one of the dogs by its name, “Fishball” and she thought it was rather cute.

She then suggested that we should change official pet number one’s name from “Rooney” to “Beefball”, similar to the neighbor’s because it’s rather cute. After all, “Rooney” is such a boring name and we’re not even football fans!

Fast forward to a typical night at home…

After the usual after-dinner routine – coming out to the garden to play and having his snacks, it was time for Rooney to go back. So I called him by his actual name and he didn’t budge even with a snack bribe.

So I tried another tactic…

I called him “Beefball” and he moved! Walked right towards me. We sure have one silly pet who does not know his own name sometimes or most times!


Should I Bother?

14 Jul

Throughout this year’s FIFA World Cup, never had I once woke up or stayed up to watch any matches. That shows you how big a football fan I am. But I find myself somewhat interested in the Finals where Germany plays Argentina.

For the record, I have woken up at 4.45am, 5.15am and 5.30am to get ready for a golf game or even catch a flight but for football? Should I even bother?

So far, I must admit the only thing that I caught during these several weeks of football was just the highlights of the 7 goals Germany inflicted upon Brazil. That’s it. That’s all I watched!

Hubby talked about wanting to wake up, even M1, to catch the match. Our time zone in relation to Brazil is just too horrendous; it will render me a zombie. I think if I were to wake up that early, I’d rather go walk nine holes of golf, come back and just read about the raves and rants on social media or the headlines for the final results.