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Green Fingers, Part 2

20 Jun

A few weeks ago, hubby had a huge and colorful air plant hanging on the frangipani tree in the garden. From that big fella, he harvested many little ones to create interesting displays on driftwood pieces or simply by themselves with just wires that he would bend with a plier. Like me with an activity interspersing painting with carving, he’s into cactus and air plant creations.

I ventured into the garden upon his insistence and lo and behold, a whole lot of them are hanging on the tree! The green fingers in him certainly makes the garden more interesting. And the tiny air plants sitting on wires are just as appealing indoors.

Air plant-1
Air plant-4

Green Fingers

9 Jun

It’s a known fact that the one who has green fingers at home is not me but hubby. Yes, the man of the house has more appreciation for the flowers, plants and trees than me. He enjoys gardening and the garden more than me; I just stay indoors to carve, paint and crush candies.

The hot weekend last week had us staying at home after returning from lunch at the mall and doing what we enjoy most – gardening and carving.

Whilst I added more citizens to Gigglesville, hubby was busy creating cactus landscapes in little pots. Who knows, maybe they can be props for my Gigglesville?

Sex in the Garden

6 Jun

This morning when I was at the kitchen, I spotted Sammy and Lefty in the garden. They quickly scurried behind the bushes but not in time for me to see one trying to hump the other. Sex in the garden… Heaven forbids!

I hope this will not result in babies because these squirrels poop everywhere – in the garden, in front of the house and even at the car porch. And babies will mean we have to take care of them! We have enough on our hands taking care of all our pets plus the birds that come on a daily basis for breakfast and dinner.

Sammy once tried to go inside Rooney’s cage just to rile him up. Mean. So if I see them trying to be kinky, I will definitely break up their little tryst.

Weird Weather Again

30 May

Last week it was so hot, the friendly squirrel, Sammy came out and just sprawled itself on the garden deck. It didn’t look like it was taking in some sun but rather, succumbing briefly to the mad heat that we were experiencing.

I watched it from the kitchen and estimated Sammy was ‘down’ for a good five minutes. Quite a sight…

This week? It’s gloomy, wet and cold, and Sammy is nowhere in sight. Weird weather we are having.


Feeding Them All

16 Feb

The new office being so close to home sure is nice because we avoid the evening rush hour on the highway and we are able to arrive home early. No jam, no stress.

The only downside for me is I don’t get the sheer driving pleasure of driving my car because the distance is too short to step on it. Oh well.

So the past few evenings when we are home early, we would put some seeds out for the birds to eat. What started out as just a morning feed with two mini trays on the wall to enjoy watching the little birds has now become a routine two-meal feed. Even the bigger birds join in!

One evening, we were late getting home and found the little birds hopping on the terrace table and chairs, staring at the food container. And we saw some that cannot wait getting down onto the ground, pecking at leftovers on the grass.

While they may seem very demanding, a meal on hand is always appreciate over having to look for scraps. I am not complaining because it’s nice to see a thriving community of birds creating some nice chirping and activity in the garden. So much so, we bought more bird seeds and added a pack of food for the squirrels too. Might as well feed them all.


Feeling the Change

10 Jan

You know the holidays are definitely over and Chinese New Year is around the corner when the heat has arrived. The weather has suddenly changed. Last week, it was still very cool and even rained. Heavily at it too.

This week with everything settling into routine, the girls back in school and us back to work, the heat has crept in. Yesterday at gym, the humidity and the heat was really stifling, even indoors. As a result, the session became very taxing.

On the home front, the garden is thriving. Birds of different species come together and eat the seeds we put out. And big birds would just lounge on the dry deck!

It’s heartwarming to see such harmony but the heat… getting unbearable. Sigh.


M2 snapped this huddle from the kitchen


The ‘Kaepoh’

27 Oct

‘Kaepoh’ means busybody in the Hokkien dialect and official pet number one, Rooney is totally one. With the recent birdhouse set up in the garden, the ‘Kaepoh’ was sniffing at the base and the empty birdseed shells scattered on the ground yesterday evening. And when hubby was replenishing the birdseeds, he wanted to eat some!

Several nights ago, when the tortoises were given some juicy watermelon, the ‘Kaepoh’ wanted some too, barking in demand to be given a share as well. Sheesh…

Silly ‘Kaepoh’ of a senior citizen who cannot stand the fact that others eat and he does not. Maybe he should be labelled a glutton as well.

New Visitors

20 Oct

It was a pleasant surprise when I heard the sound of birds chirping yesterday morning and this morning too. Yes! They are back. The little bird house and the tray of bird seeds finally lured them to our garden.

But to our horror, it isn’t just birds that came. Although it’s at a different part of the garden, hubby discovered a monitor lizard! Gulp. The four-legged fella was roaming on the less frequented side of the garden a couple of days ago. It quickly slipped through the grill and into the drain when it spotted hubby approaching. Yikes. 

Looks like the tortoises cannot come out to the garden to roam freely for a while until we do something about this intruder.

Two little birds…


and then, there were four!


A New Home

10 Oct

I’ve been wanting to buy a new home for the birds ever since the old one was disposed of. And over the weekend, the opportunity presented itself when we had to drive pass the shop that sells all kinds of bird houses and garden furniture.

There were many choices but we opted for something not too big and this time, a white abode instead of brown.

Let’s hope the birds will appreciate our choice and come by soon! We’ve even put out a tray of bird seeds to ensure they do.


Pretty Creatures

9 Sep

We get all sorts of visitors to our home all the time, from the friendly to the not so friendly. We have had intruding cats and squirrels, unwanted snakes and rats, welcomed birds and even an unexpected owl!

And recently, to add to our list, we now have a pretty bug!